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Researcher: Hamilton, JM (Mr James Hamilton)

Fields of Research

Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Solar Cells)
Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Renewable Power)
Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage Engineering

Research Objectives

Energy Services and Utilities
Renewable Energy
Energy Systems Analysis
Solar-Photovoltaic Energy
Energy Transmission and Distribution (excl. Hydrogen)
Management of Gaseous Waste from Energy Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)
Industrial Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Hydro-Electric Energy
Energy Transformation
Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Achieving high renewable energy penetration in off-grid systems via low load diesel integration: a case study of King Island, Australia; CIGRE 2018
Economic rationalization of energy storage under low load diesel application; 1st International Conference on Energy and Power (ICEP2016)
Economics of renewable energy integration and energy storage via low load diesel application; Energies
Frequency control within high renewable penetration hybrid systems adopting low load diesel methodologies; 2nd International Conference on Energy and Power, ICEP2018
High penetration renewable generation within Australian isolated and remote power systems; Energy
Investigation of no load diesel technology in isolated power systems; IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting
Low load diesel perceptions and practices within remote area power systems; 2015 International Symposium on Smart Electric Distribution Systems and Technologies (EDST)
No load diesel application to maximise renewable energy penetration in offgrid hybrid systems; Cigre Session 2016
The potential of low load diesel application in increasing renewable energy source penetration; Cigre Science and Engineering
The potential of variable speed diesel application in increasing renewable energy source penetration; 2nd International Conference on Energy and Power, ICEP2018
Thermal analysis of a single-storey livestock barn; Advances in Mechanical Engineering
Utilization and Optimization of Diesel Generation for Maximum Renewable Energy Integration; Smart Energy Grid Design for Island Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

Research Projects

Low Load Diesel Technology Demonstration; Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Variable Speed Diesel Application for Improved Energy Resilience and Power Security; Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Variable-Speed Diesel Retro-Fit for Remote Area Energy Resillience; Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Research Candidate Supervision