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Researcher: Williams, KA (Dr Kathleen Williams)

Fields of Research

Screen and Media Culture
Media Studies
Organisational, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication
Communication Technology and Digital Media Studies

Research Objectives

The Media
Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture
Education and Training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Can you tell fact from fiction in the news? Most students can’t
Editorial: Intersections in film and media studies; Fusion
Eulogies for the Video Store: Remembering the Practices and Objects of the Rental Era; Australian Screen in the 2000s
Extended Attractions: Recut Trailers, Film Promotion and Audience Desire; Cycles, Sequels, Spinoffs, Remakes and Reboots: Multiplicities in Film and Television
Fake and fan film trailers as incarnations of audience anticipation and desire; Transformative Works and Cultures
Insight Five: A snapshot of Media Literacy in Australian Schools
Internet Killed the Video Store: Video Stores, Cultural Memory, Nostalgia and Fandom; Everybody Hurts: Transitions, Endings, and Resurrections in Fan Culture
Intersections in Film and Media Studies; Fusion
Never Coming to a Theatre Near You: Recut Film Trailers; M - C: A Journal of Media and Culture: (Media and Culture)
Re-reading the Trailer: The Production and Consumption of ‘Recut’ Trailers; Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference
Recut Film Trailers, Nostalgia and the Teen Film; Fan CULTure: Essays on participatory fandom in the 21st century
Social Media’
The Movie Posters for The World Trade Center and United 93; September 11 and Popular Culture: A Guide
The Recut Trailer as Networked Object: Anticipation and Nostalgia in the YouTube Era
The Wonder Years: nostalgia, memory and pastness in television credits; Alphaville

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision