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Researcher: Williams, KA (Dr Kathleen Williams)

Fields of Research

Screen and Media Culture
Media Studies

Research Objectives

The Media
Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Extended Attractions: Recut Trailers, Film Promotion and Audience Desire; Cycles, Sequels, Spinoffs, Remakes and Reboots: Multiplicities in Film and Television
Fake and fan film trailers as incarnations of audience anticipation and desire; Transformative Works and Cultures
Never Coming to a Theatre Near You: Recut Film Trailers; M - C: A Journal of Media and Culture: (Media and Culture)
Re-reading the Trailer: The Production and Consumption of ‘Recut’ Trailers; Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference
Recut Film Trailers, Nostalgia and the Teen Film; Fan CULTures: An Examination of Participatory Fandom in the 21st Century
Social Media’
The Movie Posters for The World Trade Center and United 93; September 11 and Popular Culture: A Guide
The Recut Trailer as Networked Object: Anticipation and Nostalgia in the YouTube Era
The Wonder Years: nostalgia, memory and pastness in television credits; Alphaville

Research Projects

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