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Researcher: Williams, DR (Dr Dean Williams)

Fields of Research

Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Fish pests and diseases
Tree nutrition and physiology
Timber, pulp and paper
Plant physiology
Forestry product quality assessment
Manufacturing robotics
Architectural science and technology
Forestry management and environment

Research Objectives

Hardwood plantations
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Wood sawing and veneer
Timber materials

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Advances in reproductive biology and seed production systems of Eucalyptus: The case of Eucalyptus globulus; Southern Forests
Flowering and Seed Production in Eucalyptus nitens
Phosphorus fertiliser can induce earlier vegetative phase change in Eucalyptus nitens; Australian Journal of Botany
Promotion of flowering in Eucalyptus nitens by paclobutrazol was enhanced by nitrogen fertilizer; Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Response of Eucalyptus nitens seedlings to gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitors; Plant Growth Regulation
Stability of Outcrossing Rates in Eucalyptus globulus Seedlots; Silvae Genetica
Testing single visit pollination procedures for Eucalyptus globulus and E.nitens; Australian Forestry
The effect of tree spacing on the production of flowers in Eucalyptus nitens; Australian Forestry
Veneer product from sawlog-managed plantation Eucalyptus nitens: Final report

Research Projects

Optimisation of Eucalyptus nitens Seed and Seedling Quality for Nursery Production Systems; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Processing pruned Eucalyptus nitens plantation logs to produce high-value sawn and veneer products; Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA)
Sensing technology and digital tools to support decision-making in hardwood timber drying; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)

Research Candidate Supervision

Genetic Control of Reproductive Traits in Eucalyptus globulus
Improving Eucalyptus nitens for Sawn-board, Veneer and Paper Products