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Researcher: Zakaria, P (Dr Philip Zakaria)

Fields of Research

Separation science
Instrumental methods (excl. immunological and bioassay methods)
Colloid and surface chemistry
Electroanalytical chemistry
Theoretical and computational chemistry
Pharmaceutical sciences
Analytical biochemistry

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Fisheries - aquaculture
Aquaculture crustaceans (excl. rock lobster and prawns)
Environmentally sustainable manufacturing activities
Paper products and pulp
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Human pharmaceutical treatments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Analysis of Bromate in ozonated seawater in the aquaculutre industry; International Ion Chromatography Symposium
Application of retention modelling to the simulation of separation of organic anions in suppressed ion chromatography; The Journal of Chromatography A
Determination of Bromate in Sea Water using Multi-Dimensional Matrix-Elimination Ion Chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Electrokinetic Chromatography Utilizing Two Pseudostationary Phases Providing Ion-Exchange and Hydrophobic Interactions; Analytical Chemistry
Flow injection analysis of organic peroxide explosives using acid degradation and chemiluminescent detection of released hydrogen peroxide; Talanta
Investigation of Properties of a PTFE Capillary Used as the Separation Capillary in Capillary Electrophoresis; IICS'98
Latex-Coated Polymeric Monolithic Ion-Exchange Stationary Phases. 1. Anion-Exchange Capillary Electrochromatography and In-Line Sample Preconcentration in Capillary Electrophoresis; Analytical Chemistry
Latex-Coated Polymeric Monolithic Ion-Exchange Stationary Phases. 2. Micro-ion Chromatography; Analytical Chemistry
Mixed-mode electrokinetic chromatography of aromatic bases with two pseudo-stationary phases and pH control; Journal of Chromatography A
Mixed-Mode Separations in Pseudo-Phase Capillary Electrochromatography Involving Ion-Exchange, Hydrophobic Interactions and Electrophoresis; IICS 2001
Modelling and optimization of ion chromatographic separations of pharmaceutically relevant organic ions; Applications of Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical and Biological Products
Modelling and optimization of the electrokinetic chromatographic separation of mixtures of organic anions and cations using poly(diallydimethyl-ammonium chloride) and hexanesulfonate as mixed pseudostationary phases; Electrophoresis
Modelling and Optimization of the Separation of Aromatic Bases by Capillary Electrochromatography Using a Neutral Cyclodextrin as a Pseudo-stationary Phase; IICS 2001
Modelling, optimisation and control of selectivity in the separation of aromatic bases by electrokinetic chromatography using a neutral cyclodextrin as a pseudostationary phase; Electrophoresis
Optimisation of selectivity in the separation of aromatic amino acid enantiomers using sulfated β-cyclodextrin and dextran sulfate as pseudostationary phases; Electrophoresis
Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) separation capillaries for capillary electrophoresis - Properties and applications; Journal of Chromatography A
Potentiometric Detection Using Inert Metallic Electrodes in Capillary Electrophoresis; IICS 2000
Prediction of the effects of methanol and competing ion concentration on retention in the ion chromatographic separation of anionic and cationic pharmaceutically related compounds; Journal of Chromatography A
Pseudostationary Ion-exchange Phases; Electrokinetic Chromatography: Theory, Insturmentation and Applications
PTFE Separation Capillaries in CE; RACI, Analytical Chemistry Division, 6th Annual Research and Development Topics, 1998
Pulsed Potentiometric Detection in Capillary Electrophoresis; IICS 2000
Pulsed potentiometric detection in capillary electrophoresis using platinum electrodes; The Analyst
Pulsed Potentiometric Detection Using Inert Metallic Electrodes in Capillary Electrophoresis; Euroanalysis XI
Selectivity control in the separation of aromatic amino acid enantiomers with sulphated β-cyclodextrin; Journal of Chromatography A
Separation of opiate alkaloids by electrokinetic chromatography with sulfated-cyclodextrin as a pseudo-stationary phase; Journal of Chromatography A

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision