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Researcher: Crawford, JA (Mr Joseph Crawford)

Fields of Research

Higher Education
Organisational Behaviour
Economic Development and Growth
Mental Health
Public Health and Health Services
Consumer-Oriented Product or Service Development
Human Resources Management
Management Accounting
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Economics, Business and Management Curriculum and Pedagogy
Information Systems Management
Personality, Abilities and Assessment
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Mental Health Nursing
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
School/Institution Community and Environment
Learner Development
Women's Health
Workplace and Organisational Ethics
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Mental Health
Teacher and Instructor Development
Technological and Organisational Innovation
Learner and Learning Processes
Expanding Knowledge in Technology
Learner and Learning Achievement
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Mental Health Services
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Moral and Social Development (incl. Affect)
Expanding Knowledge in Education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A leadership revolution is required
A message to graduates: be the generation that sows seeds for the future
An integrated approach to workplace mental health
Conceptualising authentic followers and developing a future research agenda; Authentic leadership and followership: International perspectives
Decentralisation of federal agencies, relocation to Launceston
Decentralise offices, and do it strategically
Do we measure leadership effectively? Articulating and evaluating scale development psychometrics for best practice; The Leadership Quarterly
Do we understand the complexity of being a doctoral candidate? Probably not
Doctoral futures: are PhD candidates ready to work?; Teaching Matters 2019
Drowning in the shallows: an Australian study of the PhD experience; European Conference on Educational Research - ECER 2108
Drowning in the shallows: an Australian study of the PhD experience of wellbeing; Teaching in Higher Education
Evaluating leadership, wellbeing, and belonging in students over teaching periods; Teaching Matters
Evaluating leadership, wellbeing, and belonging in students over teaching periods; Teaching Matters 2019: Our distinctive future
Exploring climate change adaptation with Australian wine consumers; 22nd International Farm Management Association Congress
Postgraduate experience survey
Putting Students at the Fore of Curriculum Design in the Degrees of Difference; Teaching Matters 2017: Making a Difference
Putting the leader back into authentic leadership: reconceptualising and rethinking leaders; Australian Journal of Management
Strategies connect for the city of Launceston
The cascading effect of unethical leadership; Organizational Behavior
Understanding the organizational climate of unethical leadership in the Australian Football League; Journal of Leadership Studies
What Does It Take to Be a Social Entrepreneur? Authentic Leaders and Their Effect on Innovation; Leadership Styles, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship in the Era of Digitalization
Workplace mental health: Co-production of an action plan for Australia; Work, Stress, and Health Conference: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities
Writing together to foster wellbeing: doctoral writing groups as spaces of wellbeing; Higher Education Research and Development

Research Projects

Organisational Response to the BreastScreen Tasmania Assessment Clinic Survey

Research Candidate Supervision