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Researcher: Flies, AS (Dr Andy Flies)

Fields of Research

Cellular Immunology
Animal Immunology
Veterinary Immunology
Tumour Immunology
Veterinary Epidemiology
Cancer Genetics
Biological Oceanography
Behavioural Ecology

Research Objectives

Immune System and Allergy
Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity at Regional or Larger Scales
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences
Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
Infectious Diseases
Cancer and Related Disorders
Fisheries - Aquaculture

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

B7-H1 is a ubiquitous antiapoptotic receptor on cancer cells; Blood
B7-H3 enhances tumor immunity in vivo by costimulating rapid clonal expansion of antigen-specific CD8+ cytolytic T cells; Journal of Immunology
B7-H3 promotes pathogenesis of autoimmune disease and inflammation by regulating the activity of different T cell subsets; PLoS One
B7-H4–deficient mice display augmented neutrophil-mediated innate immunity; Blood
CD137 stimulation delivers an antigen-independent growth signal for T lymphocytes with memory phenotype; Immunobiology: Experimental and Clinical
Characterization of Toll-like receptors 1-10 in spotted hyenas; Veterinary Research Communications: An International Journal Publishing Topical Reviews and Research Articles on All Aspects of The Veterinary Sciences
Comparative analysis of immune checkpoint molecules and their potential role in the transmissible Tasmanian Devil facial tumor disease; Frontiers in Immunology
Deadly disease can 'hide' from a Tasmanian devil's immune system
Development of a hyena immunology toolbox; Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology: An International Journal of Comparative Immunology
Editorial: Wild Immunology - The answers are out there; Frontiers in Immunology
Essential role of TNF family molecule LIGHT as a cytokine in the pathogenesis of hepatitis; Journal of Clinical Investigation
Inducible IFN-γ expression for MHC-I upregulation in devil facial tumor cells; Frontiers in Immunology
Interaction between B7-H1 and PD-1 determines initiation and reversal of T-cell anergy; Blood
Markedly elevated antibody responses in wild versus captive spotted hyenas show that environmental and ecological factors are important modulators of immunity; PLoS One
Papillomavirus-associated Cutaneous Papillomas in a Population of Wild Spotted Hyenas (Crocuta crocuta); Journal of Wildlife Diseases
PD-L1 is not constitutively expressed on Tasmanian devil facial tumor cells but is strongly upregulated in response to IFN-γ and can be expressed in the tumor microenvironment; Frontiers in Immunology
Regional Comparison of Mosquito Bloodmeals in South Australia: Implications for Ross River Virus Ecology; Journal of Medical Entomology
Role of PD-1 and its ligand, B7-H1, in early fate decisions of CD8 T cells; Blood
Selective targeting of the LIGHT-HVEM costimulatory system for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease; Blood
Socioecological predictors of immune defences in wild spotted hyenas; Functional Ecology
Two decades of the impact of Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD); Integrative and Comparative Biology

Research Projects

A live-attenuated vaccine (DFT-Off) to promote long-term anti-DFTD immunity; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
CRISPR screen to identify key genes driving DFTD; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
Evaluation of the role natural killer (NK) cells in protection against DFTD; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
Identification of devil facial tumour-associated antigens for vaccine development; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
Immunisation to protect against transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Improving the DFTD vaccine by targeting key immune signalling molecules; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
Investigation into an overlooked pathway towards anti-cancer immunity. Inhibitory motifs in the extracellular domains of immune checkpoint molecules; University of Tasmania Foundation Inc (UTF)
Rapid antibody development for improved cancer immunotherapy diagnostics; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Tipping the Balance from Tolerance to Immunity for the Devil Facial Tumour; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Translating human cancer immunotherapy techniques for use in pets and Tasmanian devils

Research Candidate Supervision