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Researcher: Edgley, M (Mr Max Edgley)

Fields of Research

Horticultural crop growth and development
Post harvest horticultural technologies (incl. transportation and storage)

Research Objectives

Berry fruit (excl. kiwifruit)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Effects of climatic conditions during harvest and handling on the postharvest expression of red drupelet reversion in blackberries; Scientia Horticulturae
Flesh temperature during impact injury and subsequent storage conditions affect the severity of colour change caused by red drupelet reversion in blackberries; 30th International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: 3rd International Berry Fruit Symposium
Modified atmosphere storage of red raspberries harvested at early and mature stages of ripeness; 11th International Rubus and Ribes Symposium
Nitrogen application rate and harvest date affect red drupelet reversion and postharvest quality in ‘Ouachita’ blackberries; Scientia Horticulturae
Physiochemistry of blackberries (Rubus L. subgenus Rubus Watson) affected by red drupelet reversion; Postharvest Biology and Technology
Red drupelet reversion in blackberries: A complex of genetic and environmental factors; Scientia Horticulturae
The effects of N fertiliser application rates on red drupelet disorder (reversion) in ‘Ouachita’ thornless blackberries grown under tunnels; International Symposia on Tropical and Temperate Horticulture

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision