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Researcher: Corbett, MJ (Professor Michael Corbett)

Fields of Research

Continuing and Community Education
Education Systems
Sociology of Education
English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Higher Education
Specialist Studies in Education
Secondary Education
Social and Cultural Geography
Education Assessment and Evaluation
Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Education Policy
Primary Education (excl. Maori)

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in Education
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Learner and Learning Processes
Equity and Access to Education
School/Institution Community and Environment
Teacher and Instructor Development
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Assessment and Evaluation of Curriculum
Management and Leadership of Schools/Institutions
School/Institution Policies and Development
Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Workforce Transition and Employment

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'It was fine if you wanted to leave': Educational ambivalence in a Nova Scotian coastal community 1963-1998; Anthropology and Education Quarterly
Aspire High: Impacting student aspirations in a regional community; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
A protracted struggle: Rural resistance and normalization in Canadian educational history; Historical Studies in Education
A Small Place: Education in Rural Tasmania; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
A trialogue about method in rural education; Doing educational research in rural settings
Against the tide of modernity: Poststructuralism, rural schooling, place and resistance; Trans/Forms: Insurgent Voices in Education
Against the tide of modernity: Poststructuralism, rural schooling, place and resistance
Alberta Journal of Educational Research; Alberta Journal of Educational Research
All kinds of potential: Women and out-migration in an Atlantic Canadian coastal community; Journal of Rural Studies
America’s Country School Legacy; Country School Journal
Answering my sister's question: The critical importance of education for diversity in those spaces where we think we are all the same; Journal of inquiry & action in education
Assimilation, resistance, rapprochement, and loss: Response to Woodrum, Faircloth, Greenwood, and Kelly; Journal of research in rural education
Backing the right horse: Teacher education, sociocultural analysis and literacy in rural education; Teaching and Teacher Education: An International Journal of Research and Studies
Building a new generation: Community expectations on raising aspirations in rural Tasmania; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Captain Beefheart's piano: Confessions of an unrepentant illiterate; International journal of critical pedagogy
Contested geographies: competing constructions of community and efficiency in small school debates; Geographical Research
Curriculum as a safe place: Parental perceptions of new literacies in a rural small town school; Canadian journal of administration and policy
Disaggregating student resistances: Analyzing what students pursue with challenging agency; Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research
Disrupting perception: mapping an understanding of educational attainment; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Doing educational research in rural settings: Methodological issues, international perspectives and practical solutions; Routledge
Educating the country out of the child and educating the child out of the country: An excursion in spectrology; The Alberta Journal of Educational Research
Education, social justice and place: A multi-scalar view from Canada; Revista Peruana de Investigación Educativa
Educational resistance in a runaway world: Poetic meditations on power and surveillance; McGill journal of education
Emerging Educational Subjectives in the Global Periphery; Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies
From Shinjuku to River John: The neoliberal juggernaut, efficiency, and small rural schools; Alberta Journal of Educational Research
I dreamed I saw Hilda Neatby last night: So little for the mind after 50 years; McGill journal of education
I'll see that when I believe it: a dialogue on epistemological difference and rural literacies; Journal of Research in Rural Education
Improvisation as a curricular metaphor: Imagining education for a rural creative class; Journal of Research in Rural Education
Improvising the Curriculum: Alternatives to Scripted Schooling; Routledge
I’m going to make sure I’m ready before I leave: The complexity of educational and mobility decision-making in a Canadian coastal community; Journal of Rural Studies
Learning to leave: The irony of schooling in a coastal community; Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd.
Liquid modernity, emplacement and education for the anthropocene: challenges for rural education in Tasmania; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Mediating plastic literacies and placeless governmentalities: Returning to corporeal rurality; Rethinking rural literacies: Transnational perspectives
Music education and/in rural social space: making space for musical diversity beyond the city; Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education
No time to fool around with the wrong education: Socialisation frames, timing and high-stakes educational decision making in changing rural places; Rural Society: The Journal of Research Into Rural and Regional Social Issues in Australia
Places in Time
Providing pastoral care to rural students in metropolitan boarding schools; Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 2017
Reading Lefebvre from the periphery: Thinking globally about the rural; Self-studies in Rural Teacher Education
Remembering French in English: The meditation of an 'assimilated' Acadian; Productive remembering and social agency
Report of the program evaluation of ‘Dream Big’
Rethinking rural literacies: Transnational perspectives; Palgrave Macmillan
Rural education and literacies: An introduction; Rethinking rural literacies: Transnational perspectives
Rural education and out-migration: The case of a coastal community; Canadian Journal of Education
Rural education: Some sociological provocations for the field; Australian and international journal of rural education
Rural futures: development, aspirations, mobilities, place, and education; Peabody Journal of Education
Rural literacies: Text and context beyond the metropolis; Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies
Rural literacies: toward social cartography; Journal of Research in Rural Education
Rural schooling in mobile modernity: Returning to the places I've been; Journal of research in rural education
Rural youth out-migration and education: challenges to aspirations discourse in mobile modernity; Discourse
Small schools in a big world: Thinking about a wicked problem; Alberta Journal of Educational Research
Social class, the commodification of education, and space through a rural lens; Dynamics of social class, race and place in rural education
Standardized individuality: cosmopolitanism and educational decision-making in an Atlantic Canadian rural community; Compare: A Journal of Comparative Education
The Alberta Journal of Educational Research - Winter 2014: From Shinjuku to River John - The Neoliberal Juggernaut, Efficiency, and Small Rural Schools; The Alberta Journal of Educational Research
The ambivalence of community: A critical analysis of rural education's oldest trope; Peabody Journal of Education
The Edumometer: The commodification of learning from Galton to the PISA; Journal for critical education policy studies
Toward a geography of rural education in Canada; Canadian Journal of Education
Towards a rural sociological imagination: ethnography and schooling in mobile modernity; Ethnography and Education
Travels in space and place: Identity and rural schooling; Canadian Journal of Education
We are the university; Pedagogy, Culture and Society
We have never been urban: Modernization, small schools and resilient rurality in Atlantic Canada; Journal of rural and community development
What we know and don't know about small schools: A view from Atlantic Canada; Country School Journal
What we're about out here: the resilience and relevance of school farms in rural Tasmania; Journal of Research in Rural Education
Where is the sociology of education in Canada? Boundary questions, relevance, emerging transdisciplinary spaces and the sociological imagination; Foundations in teacher education: A Canadian perspective

Research Projects

RUR-ED: Spatial Inequalities and Spatial Justice in Education ; The Research Council of Norway (RCN)
Extending Regional and Rural High School to Year 11 and 12 - a Formative Evaluation
Small Schools in a Big World: Toward Policy that Works

Research Candidate Supervision