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Researcher: Nielsen, HE (Dr Hanne Nielsen)

Fields of Research

Environmental sociology
Social change
Literary studies
History of empires, imperialism and colonialism
Other Indigenous studies
Other language, communication and culture
Environment policy
Environmental politics
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Literature in German
Research, science and technology policy
Social psychology
Urban geography
Impacts of tourism
Other creative arts and writing
Environmental philosophy
Other environmental sciences
Tourism management
Other history, heritage and archaeology
Historical studies
Musicology and ethnomusicology
Cultural studies
Social geography
Performing arts
Gender studies
Australian literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature)
Creative writing (incl. scriptwriting)
Fine arts
Social and personality psychology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Environmental policy, legislation and standards
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Understanding the past of the Americas
Other education and training
Other environmental management
The performing arts
Conserving natural heritage
Expanding knowledge in law and legal studies
Understanding past societies
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Women's and maternal health
Expanding knowledge in psychology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Antarctica just has this hero factor...': Gendered barriers to Australian Antarctic research and remote fieldwork; PLoS ONE
'Gateway Tourism': Exploring Antarctica in Tasmania; Tourism in Tasmania
'Scott of the Antarctic' on the German Stage: Reinhard Goering's Die Südpolexpedition des Kapitäns Scott; New Theatre Quarterly
60 Years of the Antarctic Treaty: Interview with Ryk Goddard
A decade of shaping the futures of polar early career researchers: a legacy of the International Polar Year; Polar Record
American cows in Antarctica: Richard Byrd's polar dairy as symbolic settler colonialism; Journal of Colonialism & Colonial History
Antarctic Protected Areas: A Humanities and Social Sciences Perspective
Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) World Summit; The Polar Journal
Book review of 'Toward Antarctica: An Exploration'
Class and Colonialism in Antarctic Exploration: 1750-1920, by Ben Maddison
Cows in Antarctica? How one expedition milked them for all their worth
Depths and Surfaces: Understanding the Antarctic Region through the Humanities and Social Sciences; The Polar Journal
Exploring Antarctica: how is a continent dedicated to peace and science governed?
Fictional Representations of Antarctic Tourism and Climate Change: To the Ends of the World; Postcolonial Literatures of Climate Change
From gateway to custodian city: Understanding urban residents' sense of connectedness to Antarctica; Geographical Research
Gendered power relations and sexual harassment in Antarctic science and remote fieldwork in the age of #MeToo; Gender and Sexuality at Work: A Multidisciplinary Research and Engagement Conference
Gendered power relations and sexual harassment in Antarctic science in the age of #metoo; Australian Feminist Studies
Hoofprints in Antarctica: Byrd, media, and the golden Guernseys; Polar Journal
Identifying with Antarctica in the Ecocultural Imaginary; Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity
International Women's Day Special on Challenges facing Women in Antarctica
Interview with John X
Knowledge, Language, and Antarctica: Teaching, Studying, and Theorizing at the Ends of the Earth; Handbook of the Changing World Language Map
Our neighbour to the South: the Antarctic treaty
POLAR2018: where the poles come together a report from an Antarctic perspective; The Polar Journal
Radio interview
Recruitment advertising for Antarctic personnel: between adventure and routine; Polar Record
Remembering Antarctica’s nuclear past with ‘Nukey Poo’
Report on the SCAR Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG)
Rethinking Tasmania’s regionality from an Antarctic perspective: flipping the map; M/C Journal
Save the penguins: Antarctic advertising and the PR of protection; Anthropocene Antarctica: Perspectives from the Humanities, Law and Social Sciences
Scott at the opera: interpreting Das Opfer (1937); Polar Journal
Selling the south: Marketing and commercialisation of Antarctica; Handbook on the Politics of Antarctica
Staging the Construction of Place in Two Antarctic Plays; Performing Ice
Staging the south: two contemporary Antarctic plays; The Polar Journal
The #MeToo Movement Faces Unique Hurdles: interview with Gina Rushton
The Polar Journal; The Polar Journal
Tourism and Antarctica: Interview with Louise Saunders
Towards the Incorporation of the Humanities and Social Sciences into Large Polar Research Projects: Workshop Report
What and who is an Antarctic ambassador?; Polar Record

Research Projects

Gender Equity in Antarctic Research ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision