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Researcher: Barnes, RW (Dr Richard Barnes)

Fields of Research

Plant and fungus systematics and taxonomy
Freshwater ecology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Social impacts of climate change and variability

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A common boundary between distinct northern and southern morphotypes in two unrelated Tasmanian rainforest species; Australian Journal of Botany
A new species and comparative morphology of Vesselowskya (Cunoniaceae); Australian Systematic Botany
An in situ, late pleistocene Melaleuca fossil forest at Coal Head, western Tasmania, Australia; Aust. J. Botany
Ceratopetalum fruits from Australian cainozoic sediments and their significance for petal evolution in the genus; Australian Systematic Botany
Comparative morphology of Anodopetalum (Cunoniaceae); Australian Systematic Botany
Comparative wood anatomy of Eucryphia wilkiei and E.jinksii (Cunoniaceae): two narrow endemics from Queensland, Australia; Australian Journal of Botany
Effect of temperature on the functional response and components of attack rate in Naucoris congrex Stal (Hemiptera : Naucoridae); Australian Journal of Entomology
Eucryphia (Cunoniaceae) reproductive and leaf macrofossils from Australian Cainozoic sediments; Australian Systematic Botany
Genetic evidence that Lomatia tasmanica (Proteaceae) is an ancient clone; Australian Journal of Botany
Macrofossils of Callicoma and Codia (Cunoniaceae) from Australian cainozoic sediments ; Australian Systematic Botany
Phylogenetics and Classification of Cunoniaceae (Oxalidales) Using Chloroplast DNA Sequences and Morphology; Systematic Botany
The history of Cunoniaceae in Australia from macrofossil evidence; Australian Journal of Botany

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision