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Researcher: Young, SM (Dr Sarah Young)

Fields of Research

Higher education
Health and community services
Organisational behaviour
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Health systems
Aged health care
Clinical midwifery
Mental health services
Family care
Psychosocial aspects of childbirth and perinatal mental health
Health promotion
Community and primary care
Educational administration, management and leadership
Residential client care
Education assessment and evaluation

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in education
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Evaluation of health and support services
Mental health
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Policies and development
Other health
Disability and functional capacity
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Higher education
Community health care
Management, resources and leadership
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Behaviour and health
Health education and promotion

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A quantitative study on Australian doctoral students' perceptions of employability preparedness: how gender and age matter; Journal of Further and Higher Education
A scoping review exploring reablement models of training and client assessment for older people in primary health care; Primary Health Care Research and Development
An examination of influences on women's mental wellbeing after childbirth in Tasmania: implications for future policy and practice; Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Conference
Doctoral employability: A systematic literature review and research agenda; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Doctoral futures: are PhD candidates ready to work?; Teaching Matters 2019
Ecotourism Emergence in Tasmania Through Social Entrepreneurs and Authentic Leaders; Global Entrepreneurial Trends in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Exploring women's experiences of maternity service delivery in north west Tasmania: a qualitative study; The Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Symposium 2021
Exploring women's experiences of maternity service delivery in regional Tasmania: a descriptive qualitative study; Healthcare
Following Through the Good and the Bad? Building a Positive Change Culture With Authentic Followers; Leadership and Followership in an Organizational Change Context
Purposive sampling: complex or simple? Research case examples; Journal of Research in Nursing
Vertical integration in the Australian community care setting: can it work? A theoretical review of current literature; International Journal of Health Planning and Management

Research Projects

Developing a student-led, student-centric program for unpacking student matters of wellbeing, sustainability, and engagement
Student Leadership Project

Research Candidate Supervision