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Researcher: Ahmad, H (Mr Hasnat Ahmad)

Fields of Research

Health economics
Central nervous system
Communications engineering
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
Health services and systems
Economic development policy

Research Objectives

Public health (excl. specific population health)
Clinical health
Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Network systems and services
Economic growth
Health education and promotion
Carbon and emissions trading
Other economic framework
Evaluation of health outcomes

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

3G spectrum auction aftermarket network deployment; Applied Economics Letters
A sub-group analysis of the Australian Multiple Sclerosis Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) assessing costs and utility in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) patients
A systematic review and meta-analysis of health state utility values for osteoarthritis-related conditions; Arthritis Care & Research
A systematic review of the evolution of health-economic evaluation models of osteoarthritis; Arthritis Care & Research
Bariatric surgery is a cost-saving treatment for obesity – a comprehensive meta-analysis and updated systematic review of health economic evaluations of bariatric surgery; Obesity Reviews
Change in multiple sclerosis prevalence over time in Australia 2010-2017 utilising disease modifying therapy prescription data; Multiple Sclerosis Journal
CU3 – Life Expectancy, Quality-Adjusted Life Years, and Total Lifetime Costs for Australian People with Multiple Sclerosis; Value in Health
Do Economic, Institutional, or Political Variables Explain Economic Growth; International Journal of Business and Management
Estimating the relative contribution of comorbidities in predicting health-related quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis; Journal of Neurology
Estimation of annual probabilities of changing disability levels in Australians with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis; Multiple Sclerosis Journal
Evaluation of the association between health state utilities and obesity in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from World Health Organization Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health Wave 2; Value in Health
Health Economic Impact of Multiple Sclerosis in Australia in 2017: An analysis of MS Research Australia’s platform – the Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS)
Health state utilities and high body mass index: evidence from WHO study of global ageing and adult health (SAGE); Value in Health
Health state utilities for economic evaluation of bariatric surgery: a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis; Obesity Reviews
Impact of Trade Openness on Output Growth: Co integration and Error Correction Model Approach; International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues
Measuring the health-related quality of life in Australians with Multiple Sclerosis using the Assessment of Quality of Life-8-Dimension (AQoL-8D) multi-attribute utility instrument; Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders
Modelling the impact of multiple sclerosis on life expectancy, quality-adjusted life years and total lifetime costs: evidence from Australia; Multiple Sclerosis Journal
OECD unbundled local loop pricing; Telecommunications Policy
PND13 – Assessing Health-State Utility Values in Australian People with Multiple Sclerosis; Value in Health
The Australian digital market: opportunities and challenges; The Smart Revolution Towards the Sustainable Digital Society: Beyond the Era of Convergence (Advances in Information, Communication and Entertainment Markets series)
The impact of multiple sclerosis severity on health state utility values: Evidence from Australia; Multiple Sclerosis Journal
The increasing economic burden of multiple sclerosis by disability severity in Australia in 2017: results from updated and detailed data on types of costs; Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision