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Researcher: Hudson, WZ (Dr Wayne Hudson)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Other creative arts and writing
Art history, theory and criticism
Design management

Research Objectives

The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Props for Social Discourse
S.O.F.A. Chicago
Starlight Drive Inn Series: Shy; Relaxed; Passion
Twisted Love 11: Snake Gate: Bum Post:

Research Publications

'Chaise' 1992
'Leaning Post Super' 1997
Below the Surface (Hula-Hula, Chico, Burger)
ceramics: Aesthetics of Materiality
Convergence: Crossing the divide
Creative Pathway: MAX and Marj
Dare to Look
Edges; Impressions of an Island
Fifty trees of Launceston
Figure it out
Flight 06
Gesture Machine (Body Hug, Tiger 2, Tigress 3)
Island to Island
Orange Skin--Wayne Hudson
Props for Social Discourse
S.O.F.A. Chicago
Sculpture on the Riverbank
Starlight Drive Inn Series: Shy; Relaxed; Passion
Summit 07
The Winner; Gallop 1; Gallop 2
Twisted Love 11: Snake Gate: Bum Post:
White Line Fever
With Elaine Harris
With Elaine Harris II

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Contemporary, Curvaceous. The Corset and the 21st Century Woman
Death and the Self- A First Person Perspective of Mortality
Engaging the Convict Legacy- Art's Role as a Means of Understanding
Exploring the Interface- Negotiating the Boundaries between Art and Craft
Flowers as Symbols and Metaphors in Chinese Culture
Fragments of Wilderness - Importance to humanity
From the Castle to the Farmhouse- Questioning the Importance of 'Truth' within Family-specific Post-memory
Identity & Community Versus Non-place
Implement; Drawn
Landscape as a vessel
Lost or Gone- Nature's Remnants- Mysteries and Threats of Human and Native Species Interactions, Past and Present
Making and Living in a Post Industrial Landscape/Time-space
Mapping Ruderality- Heading for Design
Poodle-isation- A Personal Response to Animal Modification
Production Values- Re-discovering the Hand in Making
The Body- The Illusion of Perfection
Truth, Untruth and the space in between