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Researcher: Jong, LM (Dr Lenneke Jong)

Fields of Research

Climate change processes
Software engineering
Electronic and magnetic properties of condensed matter; superconductivity
Physical oceanography
Quantum information, computation and communication
Structural geology and tectonics
Natural hazards
Computational methods in fluid flow, heat and mass transfer (incl. computational fluid dynamics)
Geophysical and environmental fluid flows

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences
Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Climate variability (excl. social impacts)
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Antarctic and Southern Ocean ice dynamics
Climate change models
Expanding knowledge in the information and computing sciences
Understanding climate change
Antarctic and Southern Ocean oceanic processes
Atmospheric processes and dynamics
Global effects of climate change (excl. Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pacific) (excl. social impacts)
Effects of climate change on Australia (excl. social impacts)

Career Best Publications

Coherent tunneling adiabatic passage with the alternating coupling scheme; Nanotechnology
SABIO-RK—database for biochemical reaction kinetics; Nucleic Acids Research

Research Publications

50x faster: speeding up an SQL-based legacy system with few changes; Informatik 2011
A note on digital elevation model smoothing and driving stresses; Polar Research
Bed topography of Princess Elizabeth Land in East Antarctica; Earth System Science Data
Charge sharing in multi-electrode devices for deterministic doping studied by IBIC; Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research. Section B.
Coherent tunneling adiabatic passage with the alternating coupling scheme; Nanotechnology
Data extraction for the reaction kinetics database SABIO-RK; Perspectives in Science
El Niño Southern Oscillation signal in a new East Antarctic ice core, Mount Brown South; Climate of the Past
Excemplify: a flexible template based solution, parsing and managing data in spreadsheets for experimentalists; Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics
Exploring the Relationships of Sea Ice Proxies in East Antarctica; SCAR 2020 Antarctic Science - Global Connections Conference
Extending and understanding the South West Western Australian rainfall record using a snowfall reconstruction from Law Dome, East Antarctica; Climate of the Past
Integral correlation for uneven and differently sampled data, and its application to the Law Dome Antarctic climate record; Scientific Reports
Interferometry using spatial adiabatic passage in quantum dot networks; Physical Review B
Pacific decadal variability over the last 2000 years and implications for climatic risk; Communications Earth & Environment
Position analysis: the Antarctic ice sheet and sea level
Reconciling unevenly sampled paleoclimate proxies: a Gaussian kernel correlation multiproxy reconstruction; Journal of Environmental Informatics
SABIO-RK—database for biochemical reaction kinetics; Nucleic Acids Research
Simulated dynamic regrounding during marine ice sheet retreat; The Cryosphere
Solid Earth-cryosphere interaction with a focus on East Antarctica; POLAR2018
Tipping point: how we predict when Antarctica's melting ice sheets will flood the seas
Top-down pathways to devices with few and single atoms placed to high precision; New Journal of Physics

Research Projects

Improving the description of ice flow in numerical models of Antarctica and Greenland; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Ice core analysis for AAPP Project 2

Research Candidate Supervision