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Researcher: Campbell, S (Dr Sharon Campbell)

Fields of Research

Environmental epidemiology
Preventative health care
Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation
Health services and systems
Occupational and workplace health and safety
Public health
Health promotion
Adverse weather events
Climate change processes
Health and community services
Respiratory diseases
Health economics
Environmental assessment and monitoring

Research Objectives

Public health (excl. specific population health)
Health protection and disaster response
Health related to ageing
Climatological hazards (e.g. extreme temperatures, drought and wildfires)
Behaviour and health
Prevention of human diseases and conditions
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Evaluation of health and support services
Clinical health
Evaluation of health outcomes
Understanding the impact of natural hazards caused by climate change
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Occupational health
Other economic framework
Preventive medicine
Health education and promotion
Professional development and adult education
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Ambulance dispatches and heatwaves in Tasmania, Australia: A case-crossover analysis; Environmental Research
Can smartphone data identify the local environmental drivers of respiratory disease?; Environmental Research
Characterising non-linear associations between airborne pollen counts and respiratory symptoms from the AirRater smartphone app in Tasmania, Australia: A case time series approach; Environmental Research
Climate, extreme heat and human health: risks and lessons for Australia; Medical Journal of Australia
Development of the Workplace Health Savings Calculator: a practical tool to measure economic impact from reduced absenteeism and staff turnover in workplace health promotion; BMC Research Notes
Environmental hazards and behavior change: User perspectives on the usability and effectiveness of the AirRater Smartphone App; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Evaluating the risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma: lessons from Australia; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Evaluating user preferences, comprehension, and trust in Apps for environmental health hazards: Qualitative case study; JMIR Formative Research
Heatwave and health impact research: a global review; Health and Place
Let's not forget climate change in the food insecurity conversation: why the homeless are most vulnerable; Health Promotion Journal of Australia
Managing extreme heat and smoke: a focus group study of vulnerable people in Darwin, Australia; Sustainability
Public health messaging during extreme smoke events: are we hitting the mark?; Frontiers in Public Health
Tasmanians need a fresher approach to heating and health
The value of local heatwave impact assessment: a case-crossover analysis of hospital emergency department presentations in Tasmania, Australia; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Using digital technology to protect health in prolonged poor air quality episodes: a case study of the AirRater App during the Australian 201920 fires; Fire
Using smartphone technology to reduce health impacts from atmospheric environmental hazards; Environmental Research Letters

Research Projects

10 things we can do - developing air pollution exposure reduction and lung health advice for people with asthma; Asthma Australia (AsthmaAus)
EOI 3 of 3 Using AirRater to evaluate heat stress guidance for outdoor workers; CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Reducing the health risks of bushfire and smoke - An online education initiative empowering Tasmania's most vulnerable communities; Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management [TAS] (DPFEM)
The ISLAND Resilience Initiative: tailored education to improve bushfire-related health outcomes for older Tasmanians; Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management [TAS] (DPFEM)
The ISLAND Resilience Initiative: understanding health, resilience and bushfire preparedness in Tasmania; Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management [TAS] (DPFEM)
Understanding the economic burden of climate-related extreme events: A framework to support future planning and decision making in the health care sector; Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC)
AirRater in the NT - 2021-2023

Research Candidate Supervision