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Researcher: St George, RJ (Dr Rebecca St George)

Fields of Research

Motor control
Geriatrics and gerontology
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
Cognitive neuroscience
Sensory processes, perception and performance
Decision making
Central nervous system
Behavioural neuroscience
Sensory systems
Psychology of ageing
Speech recognition
Applications in health
Computational neuroscience (incl. mathematical neuroscience and theoretical neuroscience)
Aged health care

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Health related to ageing
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Artificial intelligence
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Prevention of human diseases and conditions
Treatment of human diseases and conditions
Preventive medicine
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Injury prevention and control

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A consensus guide to using functional near-infrared spectroscopy in posture and gait research; Gait & Posture
A meta-regression of the long-term effects of deep brain stimulation on balance and gait in PD; Neurology
Accelerometry reveals differences in gait variability between patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy controls; Annals of Biomedical Engineering
Adaptation of vestibular signals for self-motion perception; The Journal of physiology
Balance disorders in the elderly
Body-worn motion sensors detect balance and gait deficits in people with multiple sclerosis who have normal walking speed; Gait & posture
Case studies in neuroscience: A dissociation of balance and posture demonstrated by camptocormia; Journal of Neurophysiology
Choice stepping response and transfer times: effects of age, fall risk, and secondary tasks; Journal of Gerontology
Cognitive inhibition tasks interfere with dual-task walking and increase prefrontal cortical activity more than working memory tasks in young and older adults; Gait and Posture
Compensatory stepping in Parkinson's disease is still a problem after deep brain stimulation randomized to STN or GPi; Journal of Neurophysiology
Diagnostic accuracy of the overlapping infinity loops, wire cube, and clock drawing tests in subjective cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment and dementia; Geriatrics
Diagnostic accuracy of the overlapping infinity loops, wire cube, and clock drawing tests in subjective cognitive impairment, mild cognitive impairment and dementia; Australian Dementia Research Forum 2022 (ADFR)
Differences in clinical manifestations of late onset, compared to earlier onset essential tremor: a scoping review; Journal of the neurological sciences
Effects of spatial and nonspatial memory tasks on choice stepping reaction time in older people; Journals of Gerontology
Functional near-infrared spectroscopy reveals the compensatory potential of pre-frontal cortical activity for standing balance in young and older adults; Neuroscience
Impaired depth perception and restricted pitch head movement increase obstacle contacts when dual-tasking in older people; Journal of Gerontology
Investigating the role of contextual cues and interhemispheric inhibitory mechanisms in response-selective stopping: a TMS study; Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience
Maintaining balance against force perturbations: impaired mechanisms unresponsive to levodopa in Parkinson's disease; Journal of Neurophysiology
Mobility training after hip fracture: a randomised controlled trial; Age and ageing
Moving towards intelligent telemedicine: Computer vision measurement of human movement; Computers in Biology and Medicine
Neuropsychological, sensory and motor changes with ageing; The Ageing Brain
New horizons in late-onset essential tremor: a pre-cognitive biomarker of dementia?; Age and Ageing
Older people contact more obstacles when wearing multifocal glasses and performing a secondary visual task; Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Perception of the Postural Vertical and Falls in Older People; Gerontology
Postural response latencies are related to balance control during standing and walking in patients with multiple sclerosis; Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Preparation for compensatory forward stepping in Parkinsonís disease; Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Significant cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease exacerbates the reliance on visual feedback during upper limb reaches; Neuropsychologia
Site of deep brain stimulation and jaw velocity in Parkinson disease; Journal of neurosurgery
Sleep Quality and Falls in Older People Living in Self- and Assisted-Care Villages; Gerontology
Stepping in circles: how locomotor signals of rotation adapt over time; Journal of Physiology
TasTest: moving towards a digital screening test for pre-clinical Alzheimerís disease; Biomarkers
The effect of deep brain stimulation randomized by site on balance in Parkinson's disease; Movement Disorders
The effects of subthalamic and pallidal deep brain stimulation on postural responses in patients with Parkinson disease; Journal of Neurosurgery
The effects of water exercise on physical functioning in older people; Australasian Journal on Ageing
The sense of self-motion, orientation and balance explored by vestibular stimulation; Journal of Physiology
The TAS Test project: a prospective longitudinal validation of new online motor-cognitive tests to detect preclinical Alzheimerís disease and estimate 5-year risks of cognitive decline and dementia; BMC Neurology
Trunk orientation, stability, and quadrupedalism
Visual field motion during a body pull affects compensatory standing and stepping responses; Journal of Physiology
Walking Stability and Sensorimotor Function in Older People With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy; Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Research Projects

Exploring clinic manifestations of late-onset Essential Tremor: a pre-cognitive biomarker of dementia? ; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)

Research Candidate Supervision