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Researcher: Salter, S (Mrs Susan Salter)

Fields of Research

Higher Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Maritime Engineering
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Ecological Applications
Ubiquitous Computing
Health Information Systems (incl. Surveillance)
Analytical Biochemistry
Social and Cultural Geography
Technical, Further and Workplace Education
Marine Engineering
Educational Technology and Computing

Research Objectives

Teaching and Instruction Technologies
Learner and Learning Processes
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Expanding Knowledge in Education
Environmental Education and Awareness
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Teacher and Instructor Development
Health Education and Promotion
Learner and Learning Achievement
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Education and Training Systems

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A comparison of undergraduate student experiences of assessed versus nonassessed participation in online asynchronous discussion groups: Lessons from a cross disciplinary study in health and sociology; ASCILITE 2015
Achieving Excellence in Online Discussions: Improving facilitation to engage active student learning in online discussion boards; Teaching Matters 2018
Analogies in science and science teaching; Advances in Physiology Education
Asynchronous discussion boards: To assess or not, that is the question Type of presentation: Spotlight on Practice; Teaching Matters conference, University of Tasmania
Can learning be fun and engaging for a diverse cohort of students?; 10th Teaching Matters Conference
Communities of Practice (CoP) as a Model for Integrating Sustainability into Higher Education; Handbook of Research on Pedagogical Innovations for Sustainable Development
Comparing face-to-face and asynchronous online communication as mechanisms for critical reflective dialogue; Educational Action Research
Connecting with physiology: Using LabTutor to engage student learning in different disciplines; HERDSA 2012
Development and implantation of an interactive online resource linking foundation knowledge to anatomy, physiology and microbiology units for first year students; 11th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education
Development of an application with process feedback to enhance student-centred learning; ASCILITE 2014
Diversity in first year students undertaking a science-based unit; 11th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education conference
Engaging first year human life science student It's all fun and games!; 13th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference
Establishing a Community of Practice and Embedding Education for Sustainability at the University of Tasmania; The International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social, and Cultural Context
Establishing a community of practice and embedding education for sustainability at the University of Tasmania; 9th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability
Facilitating online discussions effectively: A guide for staff; Teaching Matters 2017
Games students play: Engaging first year tertiary students in linking and extending foundation material throught the use of a digital game; Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference
Guide to online discussion boards
Innovative learning resources Incorporating fun into cell biology; Teaching Matters
It's all fun and games - Engaging first year human movement students; Internacional de las Escuelas Superiores de Educacion Fisica
Novel use of video technology to enhance the use of marine simulators to link knowledge and practical skills; 25th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Online or face-to-face microbiology laboratory sessions? First year higher education student perspectives and preferences; Creative Education
Process feedback to enhance learning; Teaching Matters 2014
Project based Learning for First Year Maritime Engineering Students: Manufacturing and Testing of Skateboards; 24th Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Researching with and through others; Nurse Researcher
Teaching and Learning: Guide to online discussion boards
The feedback process: Perspectives of first and second year undergraduate students in the disciplines of education, health science and nursing; Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice
The implementation of LabTutor® teaching systems in physiology practical classes; Teaching Matters 2010
Umbrella action research projects as a mechanism for learning and teaching quality enhancement; Higher Education Research and Development
Using an Online Interactive Game to Enhance the Learning Outcomes for First Year Tertiary Students; Creative Education
Using digital game based resources to engage students in first year human life sciences; Ubiquitous Learning
Using digital game based resources to sustain student engagement in core Human Life Science units; Teaching Matters
Using digital game-based resources to engage students in first year human life sciences; Ubiquitous Learning: An International Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision