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Researcher: Wang, L (Dr Lu Wang)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology
Plant pathology
Plant cell and molecular biology
Plant developmental and reproductive biology

Research Objectives

Cotton lint and cotton seed
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Field grown vegetable crops
Other plant production and plant primary products
Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A novel class of heat-responsive small RNAs derived from the chloroplast genome of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa); BioMed Central
Cell wall invertase as a regulator in determining sequential development of endosperm and embryo through glucose signaling early in seed development; Plant Signaling & Behavior
Critical roles of vacuolar invertase in floral organ development and male and female fertilities are revealed through characterization of GhVIN1-RNAi cotton plants; Plant Physiology
Developmental and molecular physiological evidence for the role of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase in rapid cotton fibre elongation; Journal of Experimental Botany
Evidence that high activity of vacuolar invertase Is required for cotton fiber and Arabidopsis root elongation through osmotic dependent and independent pathways, respectively; Plant Physiology
Expression of sucrose synthase in the developing endosperm is essential for early seed development in cotton; Functional Plant Biology
Na+ extrusion from the cytosol and tissue-specific Na+ sequestration in roots confer differential salt stress tolerance between durum and bread wheat; Journal of Experimental Botany
New insights into roles of cell wall invertase in early seed development revealed by comprehensive spatial and temporal expression patterns of GhCWIN1 in cotton; Plant Physiology
Regulation of cell division and expansion by sugar and auxin signaling; Frontiers in Plant Science
Shoot-root carbon allocation, sugar signalling and their coupling with nitrogen uptake and assimilation; Functional Plant Biology
Silencing the vacuolar invertase gene GhVIN1 blocks cotton fiber initiation from the ovule epidermis, probably by suppressing a cohort of regulatory genes via sugar signaling; The Plant Journal
Strigolactones redefine plant hormones; Science China: Life Sciences
Understanding and manipulating sucrose phloem loading, unloading, metabolism, and signalling to enhance crop yield and food security; Journal of Experimental Botany
Unraveling mechanisms of cell expansion linking solute transport, metabolism, plasmodesmatal gating and cell wall dynamics; Plant Signaling & Behavior

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision