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Researcher: Downes, G (Dr Geoff Downes)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology
Tree nutrition and physiology
Forestry product quality assessment
Forestry biomass and bioproducts

Research Objectives

Terrestrial biodiversity
Hardwood plantations
Softwood plantations
Native forests
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Understanding climate change

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A model of stem growth and wood formation in Pinus radiata; Trees
A review of resin features in radiata pine; New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
A strong regional temperature signal in low-elevation Huon pine; Journal of Quaternary Science
Cellulose microfibril angle variation in Picea crassifolia tree rings improves climate signals on the Tibetan plateau; Trees: Structure and Function
Characterisation of within-tree and within-ring resin-pocket density in Pinus radiata across an environmental range in New Zealand; New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
Climate response of cell characteristics in tree rings of Picea crassifolia; Holzforschung
Climatic signal in cellulose microfibril angle and tracheid radial diameter of Picea crassifolia at different altitudes of the Tibetan plateau, northwest China; Wood Science and Technology
Climatic signals in wood property variables of Picea crassifolia; Wood and Fiber Science
Continuing upward trend in Mt Read Huon pine ring widths - Temperature or divergence?; Quaternary Science Reviews
Effect of stem bending and soil moisture on the incidence of resin pockets in radiata pine; New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
NIR detection of non-recoverable collapse in sawn boards of Eucalyptus globulus; European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Prediction of non-recoverable collapse in Eucalyptus globulus from near infrared scanning of radial wood samples; Holz Als Roh- Und Werkstoff: European Journal of Wood and Wood Industries
Ring width, climate and wood density relationships in two long-lived Tasmanian tree species; Dendrochronologia
Short-term growth responses and associated wood density fluctuations in variously irrigated Eucalyptus globulus; Trees
The development of seasonal tree water deficit in Callitris intratropica; Tree Physiology
Towards the in-forest assessment of Kraft pulp yield: comparing the performance of laboratory and hand-held instruments and their value in screening breeding trials; Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Type 1 and 2 resin pockets in New Zealand radiata pine: how do they differ?; New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
Wood properties in a long-lived conifer reveal strong climate signals where ring-width series do not; Tree Physiology
Xylem as the main origin of stem radius changes in Eucalyptus; Functional Plant Biology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision