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Researcher: Peters, LE (Dr Leo Peters)

Fields of Research

Physical Geography and Environmental Geoscience
Seismology and Seismic Exploration
Surface Processes

Research Objectives

Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments (excl. Social Impacts)
Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences
Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Basal conditions and ice dynamics inferred from radar-derived internal stratigraphy of the northeast Greenland ice stream; Annals of Glaciology
Channelized ice melting in the ocean boundary layer beneath Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica; Science
Characteristics of the sticky spot of Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica; Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface
Comparative velocity structure of active Hawaiian volcanoes from 3-D onshore–offshore seismic tomography; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Complex fabric development revealed by englacial seismic reflectivity: Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland; Geophysical Research Letters
Continued deceleration of Whillans ice stream, West Antarctica; Geophysical Research Letters
Dilatant till facilitates ice-stream flow in northeast Greenland; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Englacial seismic reflectivity: imaging crystal-orientation fabric in West Antarctica; Journal of Glaciology
Extensive storage of basal meltwater in the onset region of a major West Antarctic ice stream; Geology
Georods: the development of a four-element geophone for improved seismic imaging of glaciers and ice sheets; Annals of Glaciology
Initial results from geophysical surveys and shallow coring of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream (NEGIS); The Cryosphere
Seismic attenuation in glacial ice: a proxy for englacial temperature; Journal of Geophysical Research
Seismic detection of a subglacial lake near the South Pole, Antarctica; Geophysical Research Letters
Subglacial bathymetry and sediment distribution beneath Pine Island Glacier ice shelf modeled using aerogravity and in situ geophysical data: new results; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Subglacial conditions at a sticky spot along Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica; Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World
Subglacial sediments as a control on the onset and location of two Siple Coast ice streams, West Antarctica; Journal of Geophysical Research

Research Projects

Totten Ice Dynamics and Evolution; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)

Research Candidate Supervision