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Researcher: Travers, TD (Mr Toby Travers)

Fields of Research

Behavioural ecology
Conservation and biodiversity
Climate change impacts and adaptation
Population ecology
Wildlife and habitat management
Ecosystem function

Research Objectives

Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Aspects of the ecology of killer whale (Orcinus orca Linn.) groups in the near-shore waters of Sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island; Polar Biology
Bottom-up effect of eradications: the unintended consequences for top-order predators when eradicating invasive prey; Journal of Applied Ecology
Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic; Global Change Biology
Generating unbiased estimates of burrowing seabird populations; Ecography

Research Projects

The current breeding status and ecological role of brown skuas (Stercorarius lonnbergi) on Macquarie Island; Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (HWRE)

Research Candidate Supervision