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Researcher: Kratz, SJ (Dr Svenja Kratz)

Fields of Research

Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
Visual Arts and Crafts
Visual Cultures
Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy
Library and Information Studies

Research Objectives

The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of the Creative Arts and Writing
Arts and Leisure
Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences
Syllabus and Curriculum Development

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An autonomous writing machine; C and C 2017
Ancestral Archives and A Distributed Self: Speculations for Immortality; uture Affects: A Collaboratory on Art, Affect and Automation
Art & Science: Towards a meaningful and mutual exchange
Art-Science: Provocations for Immortality
BioSynthetic Systems
CRITICAL CONNECTIONS: Connecting Art, Design and STEM
Dark Mofo and the affective power of a creative storm
Dark Ocean
Deconstructed: The Science and Technology behind Contemporary Art and Design
Emergent methodologies between disciplinary belongings: new materialism and transdisciplinary creative practice; SOMATECHNICS: Technicity, Temporality, Embodiment
Foundations and Ripples
Immortal Selves: Biofabrication at the Intersection of Art and Science
Mofo at MONA: operatic bodies, experimental encounters and expanded horizons
Non-Linear Histories
Praxis Now: Frayling’s 'Research in Art and Design' 24 years on; Australian Council of University Art & Design School Conference 2017
Preparing to Co-design new Design Education for Tasmania, Design Island; REDO
Scientists ponder the evolutionary urge to create - but where are the women?
Small wonders: A collection of curiousities
Strange Creatures
Strategic directions in practice-led research: rethinking research models in the creative arts; 2016 Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools (ACUADS) Conference
Sulcus Loci
The Absence of Alice: Art and Science from Absence to Immortality; The Rise of Bio-Society Conference
The Contamination of Alice: Instance #10: Becoming Alice and The Desire for Immortality
The Contamination of Alice: Instance #9
Trepidation and delight: experiencing Dark Mofo with a three-year-old

Research Projects

The Deeper Meaning of Embodiment for Knowledge Creation at UTAS; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision