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Researcher: Yan, D (Ms Dandan Yan)

Fields of Research

Analytical Spectrometry
Post Harvest Horticultural Technologies (incl. Transportation and Storage)
Flow Analysis
Separation Science

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessment of the phytochemical profiles of novel hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars: A potential route to beer crafting; Food Chemistry
Chemotyping of new hop (Humulus lupulus L.) genotypes using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with quadrupole accurate mass time-of-flight mass spectrometry; Journal of Chromatography A
Parallel comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Porous, high capacity coatings for solid phase microextraction by sputtering; Analytical Chemistry
Sequential hybrid three-dimensional gas chromatography with accurate mass spectrometry: a novel tool for high-resolution characterization of multicomponent samples; Analytical Chemistry

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision