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Researcher: Jahangiri, S (Ms Sanaz Jahangiri)

Fields of Research

Air pollution modelling and control
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
Marine engineering
Higher education
Engineering design
Environmentally sustainable engineering
Transportation, logistics and supply chains
Numerical analysis

Research Objectives

Management of greenhouse gas emissions from transport activities
Environmentally sustainable transport activities
Environmentally sustainable energy activities
Port infrastructure and management
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Coastal sea freight transport
Other energy
Air quality
Higher education
Pipeline transport

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A comparison of particulate matter and gaseous emission factors from two large cargo vessels during manoeuvring conditions; Energy Reports
An improved emission inventory method for estimating engine exhaust emissions from ships; Sustainable Environment Research
Application of a developed dispersion model to port of Brisbane; American Journal of Environmental Sciences
Design and analysis of a composite semi-submersible propeller (with MARC & AUTOCAD 3D); International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology
Emission inventories for ship operations: methodological comparison with on-board measurements; 19th Annual General Assembly AGA 2018
Empirical testing of inventories applying on-board measurements of exhaust emissions at port and at sea; Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics
Energy and GHG emissions management of agricultural systems using multi objective particle swarm optimization algorithm: a case study; Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment
Health risk assessment of engine exhaust emissions within Australian ports: a case study of Port of Brisbane; Environmental Practice
How can we reduce the rutting damage in the flexible pavement by controlling the involved factors in order to tolerate of load pressure? A literature review; IACETI
Improving maritime English competence as the cornerstone of safety at sea: a focus on teaching practices to improve maritime communication; World Maritime University. Journal of Maritime Affairs
Investigating energy balance and carbon footprint in saffron cultivation a case study in Iran; The Journal of Cleaner Production
Nonlinear analysis of buckling behavior and ultimate strength of a corroded pipeline under hydrostatic pressure (with ANSYS); International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications
Numerical simulation of performance and exhaust emissions of a marine main engine using heavy fuel oil during the whole voyage; The 3rd ASEAN Smart Grid Congress and the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy
On-board measurements of particle and gaseous emissions from a large cargo vessel at different operating conditions; Environmental Pollution
Providing a model for inspection, repair and maintenance of oil and gas transmission pipes A Literature Review Study; International Journal of Software & Hardware Research in Engineering
Repair, maintenance and procedures to prevent defects and fault detection test - a literature review study; International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research
Ultimate strength calculation and destructive modes extraction in a box girder model (with ANSYS); Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Analysis
Writing together to foster wellbeing: doctoral writing groups as spaces of wellbeing; Higher Education Research and Development

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision