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Researcher: Sivret, E (Dr Eric Sivret)

Fields of Research

Wastewater treatment processes
Environmentally sustainable engineering
Environmental management
Environmental engineering
Pollution and contamination
Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes

Research Objectives

Water recycling services (incl. sewage and greywater)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Beyond H2S: chemical characterisation of sewer odour emissions; Water
Characterising volatile organic compounds from sewer emissions by thermal desorption coupled with gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry; Chemical Engineering Transactions
Determination of VOSCs in sewer headspace air using TDGCSCD; Talanta
Distribution and sensorial relevance of volatile organic compounds emitted throughout wastewater biosolids processing; The Science of The Total Environment
Dynamics of volatile sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds in sewer headspace air; Journal of Environmental Engineering
Factors affecting the adsorption of gaseous environmental odors by activated carbon: a critical review; Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
Impact of sewer emission dynamics on monitoring campaign design; Chemical Engineering Transactions
Impact of storage conditions on the stability of volatile sulfur compounds in sampling bags; Journal of Environmental Quality
Influence of the fetch parameter on results from empirical correlations for estimating odorous emissions at passive liquid surfaces; Water Science and Technology
Investigation of PM10 sources in Santa Catarina, Brazil through graphical interpretation analysis combined with receptor modelling; Environmental Technology
Is H2S a suitable process indicator for odour abatement performance of sewer odours?; Water Science and Technology
Monitoring techniques for odour abatement assessment; Water Research
Nitrous oxide monitoring for nitrifying activated sludge aeration control: a simulation study; Biotechnology and Bioengineering
Odour emission ability (OEA) and its application in assessing odour removal efficiency; Water Science and Technology
Odour regulations - experiences from Australia; Chemical Engineering Transactions
Odour: characterisation and transformation; Chemical Engineering Transactions
Olfactory characterisation of NMVOC emissions from WWTP inlet works; Water
Performance of field based activated carbon systems for odour control; Chemical Engineering Transactions
Prioritisation of odorants emitted from sewers using odour activity values; Water Research
Reduced sulfur compounds in the atmosphere of sewer networks in Australia: geographic (and seasonal) variations; Water Science and Technology
Review of odour abatement in sewer networks; Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Sewer odour abatement monitoring an Australian survey; Water Science and Technology
Sewer odour abatement practices - an Australian survey; Water
Stability of Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSCs) in sampling bags impact of temperature; Water Science and Technology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision