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Researcher: Laud, G (Dr Gauri Laud)

Fields of Research

Marketing Theory
Marketing Research Methodology
Marketing Management (incl. Strategy and Customer Relations)
Marketing Communications
Human Resources Management
Innovation and Technology Management
Consumer-Oriented Product or Service Development

Research Objectives

Property, Business Support Services and Trade
Administration and Business Support Services
Expanding Knowledge in Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
Workplace Safety
Property Services (incl. Security)
Wholesale and Retail Trade

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Co-created Obsession and Overstimulation in Service Environment; 26th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference
Co-created obsession: A new perspective on customer engagement; European Marketing Academy Conference,
Consumers' embeddedness: Determinant of value co-creation in service systems; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association Conference Proceedings
Customer creativity and willingness to contribute to co-creative innovation in online communities; 25TH IPDMC: Innovation and product development management conference
Drivers and outcomes of value co-creation behaviour: Investigating the potential boundary conditions; The Naples Forum on Service
Fakes and fashion: Understanding counterfeit crisis in the Middle East; European Advances in Consumer Research
Innovation in Online Communities: Conditions for Customer Creativity and Contribution; 10th SERVSIG 2018: Opportunities for Services in a Challenging World
Managing customers’ creativity for co-creative innovation; ANZMAC 2017
Managing Customers’ Creativity for Co-Creative Innovation; Australia New Zealand Marketing Association Conference
Overstimulation in the service environment: The emergence of co-created obsession; QUIS Conference
Service System Well-being: Conceptualising a Macro Level Concept
Service system elements, value co-creation and well-being; 2017 Australia New Zealand Marketing Association Conference
Service system well-being: conceptualising a holistic concept; Journal of Service Management
Service System Well-being: Conceptualising a Macro-Level Concept; 10th SERVSIG 2018: Opportunities for Services in a Challenging World
Service System Well-being: Conceptualising a Macro-Level Concept – Best Conference Finalist Paper
The dark side of connected health technology creates exercise addiction among conscientious users; North American Association of Consumer Research Conference
The role of embeddedness for resource integration: Complementing S-D logic research through a social capital perspective; Marketing Theory
Theoretical underpinnings of brand architecture strategies using models of stereotypic change to understand sub-brands; Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research
Understanding customer conditions for co-creative innovation processes; ANZMAC 2016 Conference
University- an agent of change: Designing L.A.B services for community well-being; ANZMAC Conference 2018
Use of embedded brand communities for value co- creation; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Association Conference Proceedings,
Value co-creation behaviour - role of embeddedness and outcome considerations; Journal of Service Theory and Practice
Value co-destruction: a typology of resource misintegration manifestations; Journal of Services Marketing
Why consumers seek ‘coolness’: Understanding the vernacular meaning of cool; 2013 World Marketing Congress

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision