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Researcher: Stephenson, DM (Associate Professor David Stephenson)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Photography, video and lens-based practice
Digital and electronic media art
Visual cultures
Computer gaming and animation
Other creative arts and writing
Other philosophy and religious studies
Visual arts
Performance art
Screen media
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Screen and digital media

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Languages and linguistics
Understanding past societies
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Conserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture
Assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Conserving the historic environment

Career Best Publications

David Stephenson
David Stephenson - In the Balance: Art for a Changing World
Heavenly vaults: from Romanesque to Gothic in European architecture; Princeton Architectural Press
Light Cities: Tokyo Melbourne San Francisco Las Vegas New York
Space and Light: David Stephenson Photographs
Star Drawings 2005-06 - in Cross Currents: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art
Starlight: Photographs by David Stephenson
Symétries sublimes/Sublime Symmetries
Visions of Heaven: The Dome in European Architecture

Research Publications

'Derwent River entering Lake King William, 8/10/2012, 5:29am' in Domain: a contested environment
'Self-Portrait looking down a survey cut, proposed site of Gordon below Franklin Dam', 1982, in Australia: land and landscape
1996 City of Hobart Art Prize
3 untitled works from The Ice series in Fieldwork: Australian Art 1968-2002
9 panels from the series Blue-Green Horizon Line
Blundstone Contemporary Art Prize
Double 701/801
Alaska Pipeline, Brooks Range, Alaska
Anatomies No. 5
Anatomies No. 5
Beautiful Lies: Photography and Wilderness; Imaging Nature: Media, Environment and Tourism
Between the Moon and the Stars
Brushing the Dark: Recent Art and Tasmania
Civilization: The Way We Live Now
Cupolas; Julie Saul Gallery; Robert Lindsay Gallery; Dick Bett Gallery
Dark Nature 1, 2,3
David Stephenson
David Stephenson
David Stephenson
David Stephenson - Imagining the Everyday, 10th Pingyao International Photography Festival
David Stephenson - In the Balance: Art for a Changing World
David Stephenson - Stormy Weather: Contemporary Australian Landscape Photography
David Stephenson Photographs
David Stephenson: A Survey of Photographs
David Stephenson: Cupolas
Die schönsten Gewölbe Europas: Von der Romanik bis zur Gotik; Prestel Verlag
Die schönsten Kuppeln Europas; Prestel Verlag
Different Dimension
Dom, Passau, Germany; Great Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary; San Lorenzo, Turin, Italy; Pantheon, Rome, Italy
Dome Photographs, 1993-2000
Dome Series
Dome Series #2
Drowned Forests of the Navarre, Lake King William, 13 August 2012
Dusk to Dawn
Dusk, Hong Kong and Dusk to Dawn series in Vespertine
Ecstasy: Baroque and Beyond
Gold Coast City Conrad Jupiters Art Prize
Gold Coast Ulrick Schubert Photographic Art Award
Ground Control
Heaven - Cupola and Star series
Heavenly Vaults
Heavenly vaults: from Romanesque to Gothic in European architecture; Princeton Architectural Press
Hobart from Otago 1, 2, and 3; The Zinc Works and Mount Wellington from Store Point
Human Landscapes
Imagine Nature
Incommensurable: Photomedia in the Era of Globalisation
Ingenuity: Photography and Engineering 1846-2006
Installation of 8 photographs from The Ice, in Photography and Place: Australian landscape photography, 1970s until now
Light Cities/Asia
Light Cities: Sea Level
Light Cities: Sydney Boston Perth Tokyo Melbourne Osaka
Light Cities: Tokyo Melbourne San Francisco Las Vegas New York
Light Sensitive: Contemporary Australian Photography from the Loti Smorgon Fund
Marking Time
MCA Collection: Perspectives on place
Melbourne, Rialto Tower East 1, 2 and 3, 2009 in Perduti nel paesaggio/Lost in Landscape
Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Lisboa; Basilica, Convento de Mafra; Basilica da Estrela, Lisboa; Santa Engracia, Lisboa
Music of Spheres
Nature Lovers (2017-2018)
New Synagogue, Szeged, Hungary
Numbers 9206, 8904, 10901, and 7004 from the Domes series
Oceans and Galaxies
Paisley Museum and Art Gallery
Points of View: Australian Photography 1985-95
Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, Rome, 1997
Selected Photographs 1993-2003
Self portrait looking down a survey cut, proposed site of Gordon below Franklin Dam, Tasmania 1982
Site and Sensibility: Selections from the Artbank Collection
Soissons Cathedral Nave, Soissons Cathedral Crossing, Soissons Cathedral Choir,
Solo Exhibition - Stephenson
Space and Light: David Stephenson Photographs
Star Drawings
Star Drawings 2005-06 - in Cross Currents: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art
Starlight: Photographs by David Stephenson
Stars 1995/703, Stars 1995/1001, Stars 1996/706, Stars 1996/1207, Stars 1996/1612
Stars 1996/1103
Stars series
Symétries sublimes/Sublime Symmetries
The 1995 Review
The Blake Prize
The Derwent Project
The Derwent project: immersive models for the representation of complex environments; Water:Image
The Dome Project
The Hadley's Art Prize 2021 for 'Time Slice: Bradys Lake'
The Ice - from the exhibition Breaking Ice: ReVisioning Antarctica
The Zinc Works and Mount Wellington from Store Point, Tasmania (Winner of Tasmanian Artist Award)
Three Views
Towards a Photographic Sublime, 1982-2000
Transcendence: photographs by David Stephenson
Traveller above the Sea and City; Night Self-Portrait, Derwent Cave; Lorne, Square Zawn; Self Portrait, Avalanche Couloir
Under the Stars
Untitled (Horizon) and Untitled (Ice) in Deep Water: Photographs 1860-2000
Virtual Dome
Visions of Heaven: The Dome in European Architecture
What's New II
“Dusk 2009.7.21; Dusk 2009.7.22; Dusk 2009.7.23; Star Drawing 2009.7.20 (Scorpius 24); Star Drawing 2009.7.21 (Centaurus 72); Star Drawing 2009.7.22 (S/E/N/W)” in Dark Sky
“ICC Tower and West Kowloon from Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong, 2012” in 2012 Bowness Photography Prize
“Lake King William, 3 mornings” in Isle of Many Waters
“Melbourne looking West from Rialto Tower 1, 2, and 3; Sydney Circular Quay 1 and 2; Brisbane from Victoria Bridge, South Brisbane; Looking West from Hotel Icon, Kowloon, Hong Kong; 15th anniversary celebration of reunification with China, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong” in Geomorphometries: contemporary terrains
“Star drawing (402) 1996; Star drawing (505) 1996” in Light Works
“Star Drawing 1996/1902, 1996; Star Drawing 1996/402, 1996” in Photographic Abstractions
“Star drawing 2005/2 (W + NW, 1-2/9/2005); Star drawing 2005/3 (N + NE, 3-4/9/2005); Star drawing 2006/1 (S+ WNW + ENE, 21/8/2006)” in Luminous World – Contemporary Art from the Wesfarmers Collection
“The Derwent Project – Three sketches for multi-channel video installations” screened at Water:Image international conference

Research Projects

2012: Water: Image Conference - UK; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
A visual investigation of wilderness values; Australian Research Council (ARC)
New Digital Models for the Interpretation of the Environmental History of the Lake King William Hydroelectric Impoundment; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Non-linear Temporal Imagery - Development of New Modes of Visual Image Construction and Representation through Interactive Digital Displays; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Supplementary funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Derwent project: immersive digital media visualisations for the representational problems of complex and remote environments; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Development of the Dome in Eastern European Architecture; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Create New Photographic Work based on Exploration of the Sublime for Exhibitions and Publications
Create New Photographic Works for Exhibitions in Hobart and New York

Research Candidate Supervision

A photographic exploration of beauty in the abject.
A Photographic Investigation of Sexual Imagery in the Australian Mainstream Media
A photographic investigation of the fantastic in fairytales
A visual photographic exploration of interior spaces investigating the photographs potential to evoke mood and atmosphere
An Investigation of the Relationship between the Material and Illusionary Aspects of the Photograph
Attention to Distraction- A Visual Investigation of Temporal Experience through Time-based Media
Beyond Linearity- Contemporary Drawing and the Naturalistic Representation of Experience
Critical investigations into authenticity, authorship and veracity within contemporary photomedia
Exploring the nature of memory - using photographically derived, interactive computer environments as a visual art form
In the Shadow of Van Diemen's Land- A Visual Investigation into Phenomenological, Ontological and Experiential Representations of Places and their History
Investigating Photography's influence upon the experience of being
Investigation and transformation of factual reality into fiction using the modified and altered image of myself
Photographic and digital landscapes as metaphorical representations.
Photographic Representation of Space in Architecture - An investigation
Re-present to Reconnect- A Study of Natural Phenomena
Seeing and Believing, Taste and Place- Imaging the Landscape in Tasmania 1880-1980
Seeing Beauty- A Visual Exploration of Transformative Experience
Tales From the Enchanted Forest- A Photographic Investigation into the Visual Potency of the Fairytale
Tasmanian Photography 1860-1960- The emphasis will be upon relationships to art (painting, sketching etc) in the depiction of the landscape
The Photographic Representation of Light and space as Medium and Metaphor
The Photography of Street Art as a Representation of Place
The semiotics of augmented reality- a visual investigation of virtual signs and their influence on contemporary constructions of the real.
The Spurling Legacy and the Emergence of Wilderness Photography in Tasmania
Tracings - a photographic investigation into being in the land
Visual perceptual codes within contemporary photography, painting and digital imagery
Wildness and artefact- re-presenting the divergent trajectories of Lakes Gordon and Pedder