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Researcher: Kotlarewski, NJ (Dr Nathan Kotlarewski)

Fields of Research

Industrial Design
Timber, Pulp and Paper
Design Innovation
Construction Materials
Engineering Design Knowledge
Structural Engineering
Wood Processing
Design Practice and Management
Building Science and Techniques
Design History and Theory
Interior Design
Architectural Science and Technology (incl. Acoustics, Lighting, Structure and Ecologically Sustainable Design)
Architectural Design

Research Objectives

Timber Materials
Expanding Knowledge in Built Environment and Design
Wood Sawing and Veneer
Wood, Wood Products and Paper
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Technological and Organisational Innovation
Commercial Construction Processes
Reconstituted Timber Products (e.g. Chipboard, Particleboard)
Hardwood Plantations

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Bending performance of nail‑laminated timber constructed of fast‑grown plantation eucalypt; European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Bifenthrin treatment for balsa: Susceptibility of Papua New Guinea-grown 2 Ochroma pyramidale to attack by Coptotermes acinaciformis (Blattodea: 3 Rhinotermitidae) in an Australian context; International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
Characterisation of physical and mechanical properties of unthinned and unpruned plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens H.Deane and Maiden lumber; Forests
Characterization of fibre-managed plantation Eucalyptus globulus for non-structural applications from Tasmania, Australia; Forest Products Society 72nd International Convention
Collaborative design education with industry: student perspective by reflection; Re: Research - the 2017 International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) Conference
Contrasting similarities and differences between academia and industry: evaluating processes used for product development; DRS2016: Design + Research + Society - Future-Focused Thinking
Design innovation: a tool for value-adding to the Papua New Guinea balsa wood industry; Journal of Design, Business and Society
Design innovation: a tool for value-adding to the Papua New Guinea balsa wood industry; Design for Business: Research Conference 2015
Embracing natural timber features of plantation hardwood: Material-aware digital workflows in product design and development; ASA2018: Engaging Architectural Science
Flexural and visual characteristics of fibre-managed plantation Eucalyptus globulus timber; Wood Material Science and Engineering
Flexural performance of cross-laminated timber constructed from fibre-managed plantation eucalyptus; Construction and Building Materials
Grade-reducing features in timber products; New Zealand Journal of Forestry
Industry feedback for academic product development: influencing design decisions; IASDR 2015 Congress
Manipulating Papua New Guinea Balsa by Design for Acoustic Absorption in the Built Environment; 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention
Mechanical properties of Papua New Guinea balsa wood; European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Multi-disciplinary optimisation of nail-laminated timber-concrete composite panels constructed of fibre-managed plantation eucalypt; 61st International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology and Japan Wood Research Society
New Product Development for Papua New Guinea Balsa to Improve Smallholder Livelihoods
Optimizing Perception Oriented Classification of Sawn Boards from Fibre-Managed Plantation Resources; 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention
Papua New Guinea Observation Report ACIAR Project FST/2009/016
Research-led practice in design research used to best demonstrate design theories; 'Design's Big Debates', Design Research Society Conference
Short-term and long-term bending properties of nail-laminated timber constructed of fast-grown plantation eucalypt; Construction and Building Materials
Thermal conductivity of Papua New Guinea balsa wood measured using the needle probe procedure; BioResources
Visual stress grading of fibre-managed plantation Eucalypt timber for structural building applications; Construction and Building Materials
What is the Potential for Australia’s Plantation Hardwoods in Appearance Applications?; IUFRO Division 5 Conference 2017
What to do with structurally low-grade wood from Australia's plantation Eucalyptus; building application?; BioResources

Research Projects

Developing a New Generation of Tasmanian Appearance Hardwood Products for In-State Design and Manufacturing; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
Drying protocols for Tasmanian hardwood
Improving management options for eucalypt and acacia plantations in Vietnam and Indonesia
Neville Smith Forest Products Colour Project

Research Candidate Supervision