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Researcher: Elhanafi, A (Mr Ahmed Elhanafi)

Fields of Research

Ship and Platform Structures
Ocean Engineering
Naval Architecture
Marine Engineering

Research Objectives

Wave Energy
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Natural Hazards in Marine Environments
Biofuel (Biomass) Energy

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A numerical study of the ultimate strength of Y-deck panels under longitudinal in-plane compression; Thin-Walled Structures
Design of Y stiffened panels in double hull tanker under axial compressive loads; 4th International Conference on Marine Structures (MARSTRUCT)
Effect of RANS-based Turbulence Models on Nonlinear Wave Generation in a TwoPhase Numerical Wave Tank; Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Experimental and numerical investigations on the hydrodynamic performance of a floating–moored oscillating water column wave energy converter; Applied Energy
Improving the hydrodynamic efficiency of an offshore OWC wave energy converter through changes to the submerged depth of the OWC front face; Australian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium (AORES)
Intact and damaged survivability of an offshore floating–moored OWC device; 27th (2017) annual International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference
Investigations on 3D effects and correlation between wave height and lip submergence of an offshore stationary OWC wave energy converter; Applied Ocean Research
Numerical energy balance analysis for an onshore oscillating water column–wave energy converter; Energy
Numerical hydrodynamic analysis of an offshore stationary–floating oscillating water column–wave energy converter using CFD; International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Prediction of regular wave loads on a fixed offshore oscillating water column-wave energy converter using CFD; Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science
Reliability analysis of novel stiffened panels using Monte Carlo simulation; Ships and Offshore Structures
Scaling and air compressibility effects on a three-dimensional offshore stationary OWC wave energy converter; Applied Energy
Ship structural integrity using new stiffened plates; Thin-Walled Structures
Time–variant reliability analysis of novel deck and bottom panels; Ocean Engineering
Underwater geometrical impact on the hydrodynamic performance of an offshore oscillating water column–wave energy converter; Renewable Energy

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision