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Researcher: van Bommel, L (Dr Linda van Bommel)

Fields of Research

Wildlife and habitat management
Behavioural ecology

Research Objectives

Terrestrial biodiversity
Other environmental management
Livestock raising

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Good dog! Using livestock guardian dogs to protect livestock from predators in Australia's extensive grazing systems; Wildlife Research
How guardian dogs protect livestock from predators: territorial enforcement by Maremma sheepdogs; Wildlife Research
Livestock guardian dogs and animal welfare: Comment on Allen et al. (2019) 'Animal welfare considerations for using large carnivores and guardian dogs as vertebrate biocontrol tools against other animals'; Biological Conservation
Livestock guardian dogs as surrogate top predators? How Maremma sheepdogs affect a wildlife community; Ecology and Evolution
Olfactory communication to protect livestock: dingo response to urine marks of livestock guardian dogs; Australian Mammalogy
Protecting livestock while conserving ecosystem function: non-lethal management of wild predators; Carnivores of Australia: Past, Present and Future
The success of GPS collar deployments on mammals in Australia; Australian Mammalogy
Where do livestock guardian dogs go? Movement patterns of free-ranging Maremma sheepdogs; PLoS One

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision