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Researcher: Hood, SB (Mr Shawn Hood)

Fields of Research

Exploration geochemistry
Pattern recognition
Resource geoscience
Structural geology and tectonics

Research Objectives

Precious (noble) metal ore exploration
Copper ore exploration
Mineral exploration
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Mining and extraction of copper ores

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A speedy update on machine learning applied to bedrock mapping using geochemistry or geophysics: examples from the Pacific Rim (and nearby); Mineral Systems of the Pacific Rim Congress 2019 (PACRIM 2019)
Element mobility and spatial zonation associated with the Archean Hamlet orogenic Au deposit, Western Australia: Implications for fluid pathways in shear zones; Chemical Geology
Fluid flow interpretation in fossilised hydrothermal systems using vein measurements from underground photography; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Identifying common protoliths for altered rocks using clustering and classification of geochemical data at the Minto Copper-Gold Mine, Yukon, Canada; Gold'17
Improved supervised classification of bedrock in areas of transported overburden: applying domain expertise at Kerkasha, Eritrea; Applied Computing and Geosciences
Interpreting element addition and depletion at the Ann Mason porphyry-Cu deposit, Nevada, using mapped mass balance patterns; Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Linking protolith rocks to altered equivalents by combining unsupervised and supervised machine learning; Journal of Geochemical Exploration
Machine-assisted ore deposit mass balance evaluations in 3D; Resources for Future Generations (RFG2018)
Relating altered rocks to equivalent protoliths using clustering and classification of geochemical data at the Minto copper-gold mine, Yukon, Canada; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
The lithogeochemical signatures of hydrothermal alteration in the Waihi epithermal district, New Zealand; New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics
Unsupervised clustering of LA-ICP-MS raster map data for geological interpretation: A case study using epidote from the Yerington district, Nevada; Applied Computing and Geosciences
Yerington district, Nevada

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision