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Researcher: Sooksripaisarnkit, P (Dr Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit)

Fields of Research

Conflict of Laws (Private International Law)
Litigation, Adjudication and Dispute Resolution
Commercial and Contract Law
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

Research Objectives

Legal Processes
Justice and the Law
Law Reform
International Sea Freight Transport (excl. Live Animal Transport)
Passenger Water Transport

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A common law position for a choice of law in internet defamation – the case for Hong Kong; Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology
A common law's ability to solve insurance issues: a pessimistic voice; Hong Kong Lawyer
At the Juncture between Disclosure and Warranty in Marine Insurance Law: a recent case from Hong Kong; Asian Business Lawyer
Bills of Lading; Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong
Bills of Lading; Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong
Book review: 'The Arrest of Ships in Private International Law'; Journal of International Maritime Law
Fraudulent claims and fraudulent devices - same rules fit all?; International Conference on the Maritime Law Forum
Harmonisation of Private International Law - Is It Possible At All?; Journal of Civil & Legal Sciences
Identifying choice of law in the context of maritime torts - yet still a challenge for courts in Hong Kong; University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal
Insurance contract law: should there be reform in Hong Kong?; Hong Kong Lawyer
Jurisdiction and Applicable Law; Maritime Law and Practice in Hong Kong
Marine insurance – collateral lies: when lies are not fraud; Maritime Business Review
Recent admiralty decisions in Hong Kong - are the courts ready to deviate from their English predecessors?; Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Asia - Country Report KINGDOM OF THAILAND
Same-sex marriages on cruises – not to be too overjoyed as yet!
Ship arrest in Hong Kong despite an arbitration award?; Journal of International Maritime Law
The Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012: not a model for Hong Kong!; Asian Business Lawyer
The Global Insurance Industry; Piracy in Comparative Perspective: Problems, Strategies, Law
The Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements - Should the European Union’s Footsteps Be Followed?; Private International Law South Asian States’ Practice
The question of recognition of foreign maritime lien has troubled the court again; Journal of International Maritime Law
The straight bill of lading: past, present, and future; Journal of International Maritime Law
There is no wrong in The Halcyon Isle – A confirmation from Australia!; International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators (ICMA XX)
War Risk Insurance: 'infringement of any customs or trading regulations' exception under the Institute War and Strikes Clauses Hull 1/10/83 - The 'B Atlantic'; Maritime Business Insight

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision