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Researcher: Khan, S (Dr Shahrukh Khan)

Fields of Research

Oral Medicine and Pathology
Health and Community Services
Nutrition and Dietetics
Health Promotion
Intensive Care
Preventive Medicine
Primary Health Care
Aged Health Care
Geriatrics and Gerontology
Public Health and Health Services
Family Care
Infectious Diseases
Mental Health

Research Objectives

Dental Health
Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health)
Endocrine Organs and Diseases (excl. Diabetes)
Ageing and Older People
Environmental Health
Behaviour and Health
Rural Health
Health Inequalities
Health Policy Evaluation
Occupational Health
Oro-Dental Disorders
Mental Health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Accomplishments and challenges in tobacco control endeavors – report from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries; The Saudi Dental Journal
Betel nut: A potential oral health problem in Australia; Australian Dental Association News Bulletin
Bring oral health back into general health
Bring oral health back into general health
Chronic periodontitis and smoking: Prevalence and dose-response relationship; Saudi Medical Journal
Chronic Periodontitis: the hidden pandemic?; 3 minute thesis presentation
Chronic Periodontitis: the hidden pandemic?; ASMR Conference - 3MT
Dental conditions associated with preventable hospital admissions in Australia: a systematic literature review; Bmc Health Services Research
Dental education and care in Papua New Guinea; IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition
Do preventable hospital admissions for oral health-eelated conditions vary by geographical remoteness?; National Rural Health Conference 2019
Does obesity cause periodontitis? A single-mediation analysis; IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition
Embedding oral health with primary health network: A Need of Tasmanian Health Care System; Tasmanian Health Conference 2018
Face Validity and Psychometric Evaluation of the Available Oral Health-related Quality of Life Instruments: A Systematic Review; Oral health & preventive dentistry
Family satisfaction survey – A preliminary report for the Intensive Care Unit
Family satisfaction survey – A preliminary report for the Intensive Care Unit
HPV Literacy And Its link to Oropharyngeal Cancer Among University Healthcare Students; IADR Conference 2019
HPV literacy and its link to oropharyngeal cancer among university healthcare students; IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition
Impact of non-surgical periodontal therapy on cognitive decline; 38th Australian Dental Congress
Is overweight/obesity a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents?: a systematic review; Obesity Reviews
Is sugar consumption an associative factor for obesity and periodontitis in Australian adults?; 2017 International Association for Dental Research conference
Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitudes of Dental Students towards Obesity; The 35th Asia Pacific Dental Congress
Knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes of dental students towards obesity; The Saudi Dental Journal
Nanotechnology and its role in dentistry: A review; Hard Tissue
Obesity and periodontitis in Australian adults: a population-based cross-sectional study; International Dental Journal
Obesity, dietary sugar and dental caries in Australian adults; International Dental Journal
Oral and pharyngeal cancer risk associated with occupational carcinogenic substances: A systematic review; Head and Neck
Our Oral Health: What Does the Future Hold?; Tasmanian Health Conference Our health: What does the future hold?
Overweight/obesity is a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents: a systematic review; 15th World Congress of Public Health
Overweight/obesity is a risk factor for periodontitis in young adults and adolescents: a systematic review; World Congress on Public Health
Physical inactivity induced obesity and periodontitis risk: A sequential mediation analysis of the National survey of Adult Oral health 2004-06; Friday seminar series at the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, University of Adelaide
Poor oral hygiene, oral microorganisms and aspiration pneumonia risk in older people in residential aged care: a systematic review; Age and Ageing
Practice of Dental Pulp Protection Methods among Various Teaching Institutions in Pakistan; Journal of The Pakistan Dental Association
Prevalence of chronic periodontitis in an obese population: a preliminary study; BMC Oral Health
Prevalence of Periodontal Disease and Oral Health Related Quality of Life in the Malaysian Obese Population: A Preliminary Study; Asia Pacific Society of Periodontology 2013
Preventable hospital admissions for oral health-related conditions in Australia: a descriptive analysis; Australian Journal of Rural Health
Recipient: Round 2 of the 2018, Graduate Research, Conference and Research Travel Scheme for the amount of $2500
Reducing dental caries and its impact on quality of life through application of silver diamine fluoride in residential aged care facilities; Annual Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Research in Australia: Challenges, Vision, Scope and Expectations; Guest talk, The Age Khan University
Risk factors of periodontitis in the Australian adult population; School of Health Sciences Friday seminar series
Risk indicators of Chronic periodontitis in Community Dwelling Elderly Malaysians; IADR ANZ 2015 International Association for Dental Research Australia and New Zealand Division Annual Scientific Meeting
Social Determinants: Common Risk Factors for Chronic Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases
Socio-economic status: Periodontitis-Obesity Bridge; UTAS Three Minute Thesis Competition 2016
Sustainable dentistry; toolkits and evaluations systems to improve healthcare structures; IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition
Talking Point: Betel nut habit on track to escalate Tassie’s cancer rates
Tasmanian Branch Scholarship for the World Congress on Public Health Conference
The Prevalence of Chronic Periodontitis in a Selected Obese Population; Europerio 8

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision