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Researcher: Taskhiri, M (Dr Mohammad Sadegh Taskhiri)

Fields of Research

Service oriented computing
Other engineering
Information security management
Photogrammetry and remote sensing
Information systems development methodologies and practice
Forestry management and environment
Information systems organisation and management
Human information interaction and retrieval
Decision support and group support systems
Data communications
Computer vision
Other information and computing sciences
Animal structure and function
Other economics
Modelling and simulation
Intelligent robotics
Transportation, logistics and supply chains
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander information and knowledge management systems
Timber, pulp and paper

Research Objectives

Environmentally sustainable information and communication services
Supply and demand
Harvesting and transport of forest products
Information systems, technologies and services
Hardwood plantations
Softwood plantations
Other environmental management
Reconstituted timber products
Road freight
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Information systems
Marine biodiversity
Livestock product traceability and quality assurance
Environmentally sustainable transport activities
Biofuel energy
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Water transport
Other energy
Native forests
Port infrastructure and management

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

3.3. A comparison of helicopter-based VUX-1LR LiDAR with below-canopy UAV photogrammetry and manual measurements
An assessment of in-field nondestructive testing methods for detection of internal defects in standing live trees; SPIE 10972
Below-canopy UAS photogrammetry for stem measurement in radiata pine plantation; SPIE: International Society for Optical Engineering Conference
Decision support for logistic networks of renewable resources based on tracking and tracing system; First International Conference on Resource Efficiency in Interorganizational Networks
Design and testing of a novel unoccupied aircraft system for the collection of forest canopy samples; Forests
Emergy-based fuzzy optimization approach for water reuse in an eco-industrial park; Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Enhancing forestry supply chain through innovative integration of digital tools and techniques; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Enhancing methods for under-canopy unmanned aircraft system based photogrammetry in complex forests for tree diameter measurement; Remote Sensing
Exploring congestion impact beyond the bulk cargo terminal gate; Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL 2018)
Exploring the role of information systems in mitigating gate congestion using simulation: theory and practice at a bulk export terminal gate; IFIP International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS 2018)
Feature extraction of wood-hole defects using empirical mode decomposition of ultrasonic signals; NDT and E International
Forest structural complexity tool - an open source, fully-automated tool for measuring forest point clouds; Remote Sensing
From communities to individuals: using remote sensing to inform and monitor woodland restoration; Ecological Management and Restoration
Fuzzy optimization of a waste-to-energy network system in an eco-industrial park; Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management
HVP Northern Region Supply Chain Investigation Project: An analysis of the softwood supply chain and logistics operations
Intelligent predictive maintenance (IPdM) in forestry: a review of challenges and opportunities; Forests
MILP model for emergy optimization in EIP water networks; Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
Mitigating traceability risks amongst SMEs along the beef supply chain: A multiple case study approach to investigating the role and potential impact of information technology; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Modeling of a logistics network for wood flows from by-products and cascade utilization
Modelling the supply chain impact of a digital terminal appointment systems parameters and user behaviours. A discrete event simulation approach; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Non-destructive evaluation of a plantation eucalyptus; Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems XII
Non-destructive testing of knot-free timber in a Tasmanian eucalyptus nitens plot; 12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (12th ECNDT)
North and North-West Tasmania: Supply Chain and Infrastructure
Optimising cascaded utilisation of wood resources considering economic and environmental aspects; Computers and Chemical Engineering
Optimizing remotely acquired, dense point cloud data for plantation inventory. M Watt, C Stone (eds)
Optimizing the location of biomass energy facilities by integrating Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Forests
Port terminal congestion management. An integrated information systems approach for improving supply chain value; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Residues and bio-energy generation: a case study modelling value chain optimisation in Tasmania; Energy
Review of: Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Practical Ideas for Moving Towards Best Practice
Sensor agnostic semantic segmentation of structurally diverse and complex forest point clouds using deep learning; Remote Sensing
Sustainable logistics network for wood flow considering cascade utilisation; Journal of Cleaner Production
Team resilience in maritime emergency response: analytical framework and implications from accident report analysis; The International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) Conference
Terminal Appointment System Project (TASP): An analysis of Burnie Chip Export Terminal unloading operations and related industrial supply chains
Ultrasonic and thermal testing to non-destructively identify internal defects in plantation eucalypts; Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
Understanding the impact of user behaviours and scheduling parameters on the effectiveness of a terminal appointment system using discrete event simulation; Advances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart Production Management Systems. APMS 2019
Using discrete-event simulation to compare congestion management initiatives at a port terminal; Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory
Using discrete-event simulation to explore the impact of user behaviours on the effectiveness of a terminal appointment system; The 33rd annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference

Research Projects

An Investigation to Detect and Map Internal and External Defects in the Commercial Eucalypt Timber Species Using Non-destructive Techniques ; Forest & Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA)
Developing Predictive Imputation of internal defects in standing Trees using nondestructive techniques. Improving Forestry productivity through selection.; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Development of a Novel Forest Sub-Canopy Aerial Robot for physical sample capture and sensor placement; Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR)
Solutions for the optimal use of remotely acquired, high resolution data by the forestry sector; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
Understanding Tasmanian Forestry Supply Chains; Tasmanian Forests & Forest Products Network (TFFPN)
Using semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to assess below-canopy breeding traits within eucalypt production forests; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
An Analysis of Biomass and Biodegradable Waste available for Bio-energy production: A Case Study in Tasmania
Assessing Opportunities for Centralised Wood-Based Bioenergy Alternatives for Heating and/or combined Heat and Power (CHP) in Tasmanian Residential Developments
Development of a Post-Harvest Handling and Processing Training Program for the Chinese Segment of the Southern Rock Lobster Supply Chain
HVP Northern Region supply chain investigation project
Terminal Appointment System Project Appointment System Features and Requirements Mapping

Research Candidate Supervision