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Researcher: Goetze, C (Dr Catherine Goetze)

Fields of Research

International Relations
Gender Specific Studies

Research Objectives

International Organisations
International Relations
Gender and Sexualities

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Bringing Claude Lévi-Strauss and Pierre Bourdieu Together for a Post-structuralist Methodology to Analyse Myths; Myth and Narrative in International Politics: Interpretive Approaches to the Study of IR
Burgerschaftslose Fluchtlinge; Wissenschaft und Frieden
Bürgerschaftslose Flüchtlinge; Wissenschaft und Frieden
Civil society organizations in failing states: the Red Cross in Bosnia and Albania; International Peacekeeping
Civil Wars: Statebuilding; Civil Wars
Cosmopolitanism and the culture of peacebuilding; Review of International Studies
Destroying and building democracy, a German view
Die Bedeutung von Staatsversagen und Anomie für zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen; Zivilgesellschaft - national und international: WZB-Jahrbuch 2003
Gewalt - Soziologische Perspektiven; Welttrends
Global Governance und die asymmetrische Verwirklichung von global citizenship : die Humanitarisierung des Flüchtlingsregimes; Politische Vierteljahresschrift
Global Society: Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship; Global Society
Humanitarian activities of the German Red Cross in the Balkans; Revue internationale de la Croix Rouge
Humanitäre Hilfe - Das Dilemma der Hilfsorganisationen
Humanitäre Hilfe unter Beschuss: Das Dilemma von Hilfsorganisationen im Konfliktalltag
Humanitäre Organisationen und Zivilgesellschaft
Lexit will only strengthen nationalism
Morgenthau: Politics among Nations; Wiedergelesen: Klassiker & Geheimtipps der Sozialwissenschaften
Peacebuilding, Statebuilding, Nationbuilding – Turtles All the Way Down?; Civil Wars
Royaume-Uni: une autonomie importante
Rudimentäre Zivilgesellschaften, Das Rote Kreuz auf dem Balkan; Munster Lit Verlag
Sameness and Distinction: Understanding Democratic Peace in a Bourdieusan Perspective; Democratic Wars: Looking at the Dark Side of Democratic Peace
Spaces of Aid, How Cars, Compounds and Hotels Shape Humanitarianism
Statebuilding and Nationbuilding; The International Studies Encyclopedia
Statebuilding in a Vacuum: Sierra Leone and the Missing International Political Economy of Civil Wars; The Post-Conflict Environment: Investigation and Critique
The 'Statebuilding Habitus' : UN Staff and the Cultural Dimension of Liberal Intervention in Kosovo; Statebuilding and State-Formation: The Political Sociology of Intervention
The distinction of peace: a social analysis of peacebuilding; University of Michigan Press
The Particularism of Cosmopolitanism; Global Society
The Same Old Story of Peacebuilding: Institution Building, Legitimacy and Global Governance
The UN and Human Rights, Who Guards the Guardians?
Von der humanitären zur Entwicklungshilfe
Waltz: A Theory of International Politics; Wiedergelesen: Klassiker & Geheimtipps der Sozialwissenschaften
Warlords and States: A Contemporary Myth of the International System; Myth and Narrative in International Politics: Interpretive Approaches to the Study of IR
When democracies go to war: public debate and the French decision on war in 1999 and 2003; Global Society
Whose civil society is it anyway?; China's Opening Society: The Non-State Sector and Governance

Research Projects

Families in world politics; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Who governs? The political sociology of UN interim administrators

Research Candidate Supervision