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Researcher: Goetze, C (Dr Catherine Goetze)

Fields of Research

International Relations
Gender Specific Studies

Research Objectives

International Organisations
International Relations
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Gender and Sexualities

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Bringing Claude Lévi-Strauss and Pierre Bourdieu Together for a Post-structuralist Methodology to Analyse Myths; Myth and Narrative in International Politics: Interpretive Approaches to the Study of IR
Burgerschaftslose Fluchtlinge; Wissenschaft und Frieden
Bürgerschaftslose Flüchtlinge; Wissenschaft und Frieden
Civil society organizations in failing states: the Red Cross in Bosnia and Albania; International Peacekeeping
Civil Wars: Statebuilding; Civil Wars
Cosmopolitanism and the culture of peacebuilding; Review of International Studies
Destroying and building democracy, a German view
Die Bedeutung von Staatsversagen und Anomie für zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen; Zivilgesellschaft - national und international: WZB-Jahrbuch 2003
Gewalt - Soziologische Perspektiven; Welttrends
Global Governance und die asymmetrische Verwirklichung von global citizenship : die Humanitarisierung des Flüchtlingsregimes; Politische Vierteljahresschrift
Global Society: Cosmopolitanism and Global Citizenship; Global Society
Humanitarian activities of the German Red Cross in the Balkans; Revue internationale de la Croix Rouge
Humanitäre Hilfe - Das Dilemma der Hilfsorganisationen
Humanitäre Hilfe unter Beschuss: Das Dilemma von Hilfsorganisationen im Konfliktalltag
Humanitäre Organisationen und Zivilgesellschaft
Lexit will only strengthen nationalism
Morgenthau: Politics among Nations; Wiedergelesen: Klassiker & Geheimtipps der Sozialwissenschaften
Peacebuilding, Statebuilding, Nationbuilding – Turtles All the Way Down?; Civil Wars
Response to Sabrina Karim and Kyle Beardsley’s review of The Distinction of Peace: A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding; Perspectives on Politics
Royaume-Uni: une autonomie importante
Rudimentäre Zivilgesellschaften, Das Rote Kreuz auf dem Balkan; Munster Lit Verlag
Sameness and Distinction: Understanding Democratic Peace in a Bourdieusan Perspective; Democratic Wars: Looking at the Dark Side of Democratic Peace
Spaces of Aid, How Cars, Compounds and Hotels Shape Humanitarianism
Statebuilding and Nationbuilding; The International Studies Encyclopedia
Statebuilding in a Vacuum: Sierra Leone and the Missing International Political Economy of Civil Wars; The Post-Conflict Environment: Investigation and Critique
The 'Statebuilding Habitus' : UN Staff and the Cultural Dimension of Liberal Intervention in Kosovo; Statebuilding and State-Formation: The Political Sociology of Intervention
The distinction of peace: a social analysis of peacebuilding; University of Michigan Press
The Distinction of Peace: A Social Analysis of Peacebuilding; University of Michigan Press
The Particularism of Cosmopolitanism; Global Society
The Same Old Story of Peacebuilding: Institution Building, Legitimacy and Global Governance
The UN and Human Rights, Who Guards the Guardians?
Von der humanitären zur Entwicklungshilfe
Waltz: A Theory of International Politics; Wiedergelesen: Klassiker & Geheimtipps der Sozialwissenschaften
Warlords and States: A Contemporary Myth of the International System; Myth and Narrative in International Politics: Interpretive Approaches to the Study of IR
When democracies go to war: public debate and the French decision on war in 1999 and 2003; Global Society
Whose civil society is it anyway?; China's Opening Society: The Non-State Sector and Governance

Research Projects

Families in world politics; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Who governs? The political sociology of UN interim administrators

Research Candidate Supervision