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Researcher: Byrne, N (Professor Nuala Byrne)

Fields of Research

Exercise physiology
Health services and systems
Nutritional science
Public health nutrition
Community child health
Infant and child health
Sports science and exercise
Sport and exercise nutrition
Nutrition and dietetics
Sports medicine
Medical physiology
Aged health care
Health policy
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander public health and wellbeing
Health promotion
Medical biochemistry - amino acids and metabolites
Other biomedical and clinical sciences
Sustainable agricultural development
Applied immunology (incl. antibody engineering, xenotransplantation and t-cell therapies)
Preventative health care
Autonomic nervous system
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
Central nervous system
Cardiovascular medicine and haematology
Neurology and neuromuscular diseases
Post harvest horticultural technologies (incl. transportation and storage)
Cellular immunology
Infectious diseases
Health informatics and information systems
Food nutritional balance

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Women's and maternal health
Neonatal and child health
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Specific population health (excl. Indigenous health)
Men's health
Other health
Behaviour and health
Clinical health
Overweight and obesity
Evaluation of health and support services
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Preventive medicine
Health related to specific ethnic groups
Determinants of health
Other Indigenous
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Health related to ageing
Harvesting and packaging of plant products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Small changes' to diet and physical activity behaviors for weight management; Obesity facts
3-Year effect of weight loss via severe versus moderate energy restriction on body composition among postmenopausal women with obesity - the TEMPO Diet Trial; Heliyon
A Pilot Randomised Study of the Metabolic and Histological Effects of Exercise in Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis; Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
Acute exercise and gastric emptying: a meta-analysis and implications for appetite control; Sports medicine
Acute interval exercise intensity does not affect appetite and nutrient preferences in overweight and obese males; Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition
Age, muscle fatigue, and walking endurance in pre-menopausal women; European Journal of Applied Physiology
Anthropometry to assess body fat in Indonesian adults; Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Anthropometry-based prediction of body fat in infants from birth to 6 months: the Baby-bod study; European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Are increases in skeletal muscle mass accompanied by changes to resting metabolic rate in rugby athletes over a pre-season training period?; European Journal of Sport Science
Assessing the impact of a food supplement on the nutritional status and body composition of HIV-infected Zambian women on ARVs; Bmc Public Health
Assessing the influence of fasted and postprandial states on day-to-day variability of appetite and food preferences; Physiology and Behavior
Assessment of body composition in Indian adults: comparison between dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry and isotope dilution technique; The British journal of nutrition
Assessment of Physical Activity and Energy Expenditure: An Overview of Objective Measures; Frontiers in Nutrition
Biology or Behavior: Which Is the Strongest Contributor to Weight Gain?; Current Obesity Reports
Body weight perception and weight loss practices among Sri Lankan adults; Obesity research & clinical practice
Cardiovascular diseases in rural South Asia: the story of one billion people; Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health
Changes in resting and walking energy expenditure and walking speed during pregnancy in obese women; American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Childhood obesity in Asia: the value of accurate body composition methodology; Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition
Determinants of infant adiposity across the first 6 months of life: Evidence from the Baby-bod study; Journal of Clinical Medicine
Determination of new anthropometric cut-off values for obesity screening in Indonesian adults; Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Development and validation of a pregnancy symptoms inventory; BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
Development and validation of anthropometric prediction equations for estimation of body fat in Indonesian men; Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Development and validation of anthropometric prediction equations for estimation of lean body mass and appendicular lean soft tissue in Indian men and women; Journal of applied physiology
Development of a food frequency questionnaire for Sri Lankan adults; Nutrition Journal
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing for predicting sports performance and talent identification: Consensus statement; British journal of sports medicine
Do intermittent diets provide physiological benefits over continuous diets for weight loss? A systematic review of clinical trials; Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
Does metabolic compensation explain the majority of less-than-expected weight loss in obese adults during a short-term severe diet and exercise intervention?; International Journal of Obesity
Effect of 1-h moderate-intensity aerobic exercise on intramyocellular lipids in obese men before and after a lifestyle intervention; Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquée, nutrition et métabolisme
Effect of a 4-week weight maintenance diet on circulating hormone levels: implications for clinical weight loss trials; Clinical Obesity
Effect of combined interval and continuous exercise training on gastric emptying, appetite, and adaptive responses in men with overweight and obesity; Frontiers in Nutrition
Effect of interval training intensity on fat oxidation, blood lactate and the rate of perceived exertion in obese men; SpringerPlus
Effect of Weight Loss via Severe vs Moderate Energy Restriction on Lean Mass and Body Composition Among Postmenopausal Women With Obesity: The TEMPO Diet Randomized Clinical Trial; JAMA Network Open
Effectiveness of three different walking prescription durations on total physical activity in normal- and overweight women; Obesity facts
Energy and nutrient intakes among Sri Lankan adults; International Archives of Medicine
Energy gap in the aetiology of body weight gain and obesity: a challenging concept with a complex evaluation and pitfalls; Obesity facts
Energy Needs of Master Athletes; Nutrition and Performance in Master Athletes
Ethnic differences in body fat distribution among Asian pre-pubertal children: A cross-sectional multicenter study; BMC Public Health
Ethnic differences in the relationship between body mass index and percentage body fat among Asian children from different backgrounds; The British journal of nutrition
Exclusivity of breastfeeding and body composition: learnings from the Baby-bod study; International Breastfeeding Journal
Exercise in obese pregnant women: the role of social factors, lifestyle and pregnancy symptoms; Bmc Pregnancy, Childbirth and Neonatal Care
Exercise intensity influences nonexercise activity thermogenesis in overweight and obese adults; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Exercise, appetite and weight management: understanding the compensatory responses in eating behaviour and how they contribute to variability in exercise-induced weight loss; British Journal of Sports Medicine
Fast versus slow weight loss: development process and rationale behind the dietary interventions for the TEMPO Diet Trial; Obesity science & practice
Fat oxidation over a range of exercise intensities: fitness versus fatness; Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism
Food reward in active compared to inactive men: Roles for gastric emptying and body fat; Physiology & behavior
Gestational diabetes mellitus and infant adiposity at birth: a systematic review and meta-analysis of therapeutic interventions; Journal of Clinical Medicine
Gestational diabetes mellitus and infant adiposity at birth: A systematic review and meta-analysis of therapeutic interventions; Journal of Clinical Medicine
High dietary diversity is associated with obesity in Sri Lankan adults: an evaluation of three dietary scores; BMC Public Health
How much exercise should be promoted to raise total daily energy expenditure and improve health?; Obesity Reviews
Impact of food and fluid intake on technical and biological measurement error in body composition assessment methods in athletes; The British journal of nutrition
Increasing Protein Distribution Has No Effect on Changes in Lean Mass During a Rugby Preseason; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism
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Interval training intensity affects energy intake compensation in obese men; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism
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Measurement duration affects the calculation of whole body protein turnover kinetics but not between-day variability; Metabolism
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Proposal of new body composition prediction equations from bioelectrical impedance for Indonesian men; European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Public health and health systems: implications for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in south Asia; The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology
Rationale and protocol for a randomized controlled trial comparing fast versus slow weight loss in postmenopausal women with obesity - the TEMPO diet trial; Healthcare
Rationale for novel intermittent dieting strategies to attenuate adaptive responses to energy restriction; Obesity Reviews
Recruitment strategies for a randomised controlled trial comparing fast versus slow weight loss in postmenopausal women with obesity - the TEMPO diet trial; Healthcare
Relation of reduced preclinical left ventricular diastolic function and cardiac remodeling in overweight youth to insulin resistance and inflammation; American Journal of Cardiology
Reliability of 2 Different Positioning Protocols for Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Measurement of Body Composition in Healthy Adults; Journal of clinical densitometry
Reproducibility of Fatmax and fat oxidation rates during exercise in recreationally trained males; PloS one
Reproducibility of gastric emptying in overweight and obese males; Clinical Nutrition
The Association of Early Life Supplemental Nutrition With Lean Body Mass and Grip Strength in Adulthood: Evidence From APCAPS; American Journal of Epidemiology
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The effect of exercise interventions on resting metabolic rate: A systematic review and meta-analysis; Journal of Sports Sciences
The effects of weight loss strategies on gastric emptying and appetite control; Obesity reviews
The gene SMART study: method, study design, and preliminary findings; BMC Genomics
The interaction between exercise, appetite, and food intake: implications for weight control; American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine
Validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis for total body water assessment against the deuterium dilution technique in Asian children; European journal of clinical nutrition
Validation of Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy to Measure Total Body Water in Resistance-Trained Males; International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism
Validity of a food frequency questionnaire to assess nutritional intake among Sri Lankan adults; SpringerPlus
WHO child growth standards in context: The Baby-bod Project - observational study in Tasmania; BMJ Paediatrics Open
Whole-body substrate metabolism is associated with disease severity in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; Gut

Research Projects

Achieving more effective weight loss with intermittent energy restriction (MATADOR2) - Biochemical Analyses; National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Adding exercise and/or protein to intermittent dieting for improving cardiometabolic health - using stable isotopic tracers; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Improving weight loss by intermittent use of very low energy diet: the TANGO diet trial (Temporary phases of accelerated weight loss for noticeably greater outcomes); National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Mixed Longitudinal/Cross-Sectional Study of Body Composition of Infants from Birth to 6 Months from Diverse Ethnic Groups in Tasmania, Australia; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)
Preventative Health Research in Rural and Regional Communities (Tasmania); Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)
Managing training load in talented high school age athletes
Vaccine Immunomodulation Throughout the Aging Lifespan

Research Candidate Supervision