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Researcher: Shelley, B (Dr Becky Shelley)

Fields of Research

Education Policy
Political Science
International Relations
Social Change
Social and Cultural Geography
Public Policy
Comparative Government and Politics
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators
Education Systems
Specialist Studies in Education
Social Policy
Secondary Education
Sociology of Education
Primary Health Care
Education Assessment and Evaluation
Industrial Relations
Impacts of Tourism
Continuing and Community Education
Early Childhood Education (excl. Maori)
Creative Arts, Media and Communication Curriculum and Pedagogy
Policy and Administration
Community Child Health
Tourism Policy
Primary Education (excl. Maori)
Health Promotion
Applied Sociology, Program Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment
Technical, Further and Workplace Education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
Multimedia Programming
Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
Causes and Prevention of Crime
Globalisation and Culture
Vocational Education and Training Curriculum and Pedagogy
Family Care

Research Objectives

Education and Training
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
International Relations
Socio-Cultural Issues in Tourism
Children's/Youth Services and Childcare
Equity and Access to Education
Teacher and Instructor Development
Government and Politics
Behaviour and Health
Learner Development
Health Education and Promotion
Cultural Understanding
International Organisations
Expanding Knowledge in Education
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Learner and Learning Achievement
Justice and the Law
Macro Labour Market Issues
Expanding Knowledge in Languages, Communication and Culture
Education and Training Systems
School/Institution Community and Environment
Economic Issues in Tourism
Education and Training Theory and Methodology
Social Class and Inequalities
Child Health
Law, Politics and Community Services
Political Systems
Learner and Learning Processes
Teaching and Instruction
Moral and Social Development (incl. Affect)
Civics and Citizenship
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
Social Structure and Health
Comparative Structure and Development of Community Services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Baby Talk; Communicating: The Heart of Literacy
Bigger things: evaluation 2016
Child Maltreatment, Violence, Offending, and Educational Outcomes: Review of the Literature
Comparing Children's University Tasmania and Asia-Malaysia
Dare to Dream: Comparative Lessons on Building Cultural Capital from Children’s University Tasmania and Children’s University Asia-Malaysia
Democratic Development in East Asia; Routledge
Democratization in East Asia: the Ambiguous role of the United Nations; Australasian Political Studies Association Conference
Devonport tips hat for graduation
Discover Children's University; 2nd Education Transforms Symposium
Education, jobs and the political economy of tourism: expectations and realities in the case of Tasmania; Australasian Journal of Regional Studies
Getting past our maths block: Interview with Sarah Gillman
Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education; Brill|Sense
HealthLit4Kids study protocol; Crossing boundaries for positive health literacy outcomes; BMC Public Health
HealthLit4Kids: a pilot program Crossing boundaries for Positive health literacy outcomes; 2nd Education Transforms Symposium
HealthLit4Kids: Promoting Health Literacy in Tasmanian Primary Schools- Capturing, Curating and Evaluating Health Literacy Artefacts; Engagement Transforms 2019 (ET19)
Inspiring the next generation of scientists: children as researchers and storytellers; Teaching Science
Interview with Lucy Breadon on ABC Radio about early childhood development
Learning with the Children's University; Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education
Leveling the Playing Field? Building Cultural Capital through Learning Destinations; XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology
Playful learning? An extreme comparison of the children’s University in Malaysia and in Australia; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Political Globalisation and the Politics of International Non-governmental Organisations: The Case of Village Democracy in China; Australian Journal of Political Science
Protest and Globalization: Media, Symbols and Audience in the Drama of Democratization; Democratization
Research and business intelligence: driving an improvement agenda across education sectors; Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Review of 'Constructing World Culture: International Nongovernmental Organizations Since 1875', John Boli and George M. Thomas (eds); Australian Journal of Political Science
Review of 'The Cultural Construction of Politics in Asia' edited by Hans Antlov and Tak-Wing Ngo; The China Journal
Serious Fun?; Essex and Kaplan Singapore Applied Learning and Teaching Conference
State of the Tourism Workforce in Tasmania; Tourism in Tasmania
Students' passport to learning adventures
Talking point: early years are the critical ones in education
Tassie Researchers: child-led research and the dialogic imagination; 12th Educational Psychology Forum
Tassie Researchers: training children to be researchers: Interview with Lucy Breadon
The A-Lab: a playful circle; Playful Learning
The Children's University Tasmania: the transformative power of tourism; Justice and Ethics in Tourism
The dialogic negotiation of justice; Journal of Sustainable Tourism
The International Dimension of Democratisation: East Asia
The political economy of tourism: Job polarization, equity and resistance; TASA Conference 2018: Precarity, Rights and Resistance
The Politics of Human Rights in Southeast Asia; Australian Journal of Political Science
The Transformative Potential of education; Harnessing the Transformative Power of Education
Tourism Serving the Community: Case Of The Children's University Tasmania; Tourism in Tasmania
Tourism, cultural and the transformational power of education: lessons form the Children's University Tasmania; CAUTHE 2018 Get Smart Paradoxes and Possibilities
What can children learn through play?
What if China Doesn't Democratize? The Implications for War and Peace; The China Journal

Research Projects

Child maltreatment, violence, offending, and educational attainment: policy and practice implications for women, children, and adolescents; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Dare to Dream: Comparing experiences and learnings from Children's University in Malaysia and Tasmania; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
How are Australian fathers engaging with infant feeding and what are their infant feeding practices from 0-12 months?; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Increasing Educational Aspiration in Tasmania Northwest; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Promoting Health Literacy in Tasmanian Primary Schools - Capturing, Curating and Evaluating Health Literacy Artefacts; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Collective Education - Summative evaluation
Everyone is an Artist. Utilising the Museum to Foster Childrens Creativity - A Pilot Project
Impact evaluation of the Aboriginal Student Engagement Australian School-based Apprenticeship (AES ASbA) Project
Impact evaluation of the Teacher Internship Placement Program
Impact of DoE staff completing the Graduate Certificate of Inclusive Education
Launceston Big Picture School Evaluation
Packages of Learning Evaluation

Research Candidate Supervision