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Researcher: Flies, E (Dr Emily Flies)

Fields of Research

Cellular Immunology

Research Objectives

Infectious Diseases
Immune System and Allergy

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection in American robins and gray catbirds: an assessment of reservoir competence and disease in captive wildlife; Journal of Medical Entomology
Converting mosquito surveillance to arbovirus surveillance with honey-baited nucleic acid preservation cards; Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
Ecology and epidemiology of Ross River virus in South Australia
Explainer: what are antibodies and why are viruses like dengue worse the second time?
How a new test is revolutionising what we know about viruses in our midst
Improving public health intervention for mosquito-borne disease: the value of geovisualization using source of infection and LandScan data; Epidemiology and Infection
Mosquito communities with trap height and urban-rural gradient in Adelaide, South Australia: implications for disease vector surveillance; Journal of Vector Ecology
Regional Comparison of Mosquito Bloodmeals in South Australia: Implications for Ross River Virus Ecology; Journal of Medical Entomology
Socioecological predictors of immune defences in wild spotted hyenas; Functional Ecology

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