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Researcher: Derikvand, M (Mr Mohammad Derikvand)

Fields of Research

Timber, Pulp and Paper
Construction Materials
Wood Processing
Structural Engineering

Research Objectives

Wood Sawing and Veneer
Timber Materials
Wood, Wood Products and Paper
Hardwood Plantations
Paper Products (incl. Coated Paper)
Reconstituted Timber Products (e.g. Chipboard, Particleboard)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A feasibility study of using two-component polyurethane adhesive in constructing wooden structures; Journal of Forestry Research
A modified method for shear strength measurement of adhesive bonds in solid wood; BioResources
Bending moment capacity of L-shaped mitered frame joints constructed of MDF and particleboard; BioResources
Bending moment capacity of mortice and loose-tenon joints; Wood and Fiber Science
Bending performance of nail‑laminated timber constructed of fast‑grown plantation eucalypt; European Journal of Wood and Wood Products
Bifenthrin treatment for balsa: Susceptibility of Papua New Guinea-grown 2 Ochroma pyramidale to attack by Coptotermes acinaciformis (Blattodea: 3 Rhinotermitidae) in an Australian context; International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation
Characterisation of physical and mechanical properties of unthinned and unpruned plantation-grown Eucalyptus nitens H.Deane and Maiden lumber; Forests
Developing high-mass laminated flooring products from fibre-managed plantation hardwood
Finite element analysis of stress and strain distributions in mortise and loose tenon furniture joints; Journal of Forestry Research
Flexural and visual characteristics of fibre-managed plantation Eucalyptus globulus timber; Wood Material Science and Engineering
Load-carrying capacity of mitered furniture corner joints with dovetail keys under diagonal tension load; Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry
Machinability study of Australia’s dominate plantation timber resources; Forest
Multi-disciplinary optimisation of nail-laminated timber-concrete composite panels constructed of fibre-managed plantation eucalypt; 61st International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology and Japan Wood Research Society
Short-term and long-term bending properties of nail-laminated timber constructed of fast-grown plantation eucalypt; Construction and Building Materials
Strength performance of mortise and loose-tenon furniture joints under uniaxial bending moment; Journal of Forestry Research
Visual stress grading of fibre-managed plantation Eucalypt timber for structural building applications; Construction and Building Materials
What to do with structurally low-grade wood from Australia's plantation Eucalyptus; building application?; BioResources
Withdrawal force capacity of mortise and loose tenon T-type furniture joints; Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision