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Researcher: Rodriguez Dominguez, CM (Dr Celia Rodriguez Dominguez)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology
Ecological physiology
Crop and pasture biochemistry and physiology
Agrochemicals and biocides (incl. application)
Plant biology
Agricultural hydrology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Management of water consumption by plant production

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Classification models for automatic identification of daily states from leaf turgor related measurements in olive; Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
Declining root water transport drives stomatal closure in olive under moderate water stress; New Phytologist
Hydraulic traits emerge as relevant determinants of growth patterns in wild olive genotypes under water stress; Frontiers in Plant Science
Mapping xylem failure in disparate organs of whole plants reveals extreme resistance in olive roots; New Phytologist
Measuring the pulse of trees; using the vascular system to predict tree mortality in the 21st century; Conservation Physiology
Visual and hydraulic techniques produce similar estimates of cavitation resistance in woody species; New Phytologist
Water status, gas exchange and crop performance in a super high density olive orchard under deficit irrigation scheduled from leaf turgor measurements; Agricultural Water Management

Research Projects

Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal functionL applicability and impacts on agriculture; European Commission (EC)

Research Candidate Supervision