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Researcher: Ooi, CS (Professor Can Seng Ooi)

Fields of Research

Impacts of tourism
Tourist behaviour and visitor experience
Tourism marketing
Political science
Studies of Asian society
Social policy
Environment policy
Cultural studies
Comparative government and politics
Education policy
Comparative and cross-cultural education
Education systems
Hospitality management
Studies of men and masculinities
Tourism management
Social change
International relations
Urban sociology and community studies
Asian cultural studies
Urban and regional planning
Communications and media policy
Arts and cultural policy
Industrial and employee relations
Creative arts, media and communication curriculum and pedagogy
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Tourism policy
Sociology of culture
Communication studies
Other language, communication and culture

Research Objectives

Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Tourism services
Expanding knowledge in human society
The creative arts
Other culture and society
International relations
Government and politics
Policies and development
Economic issues in tourism
Land policy
Children's services and childcare
Expanding knowledge in commerce, management, tourism and services
Hospitality services
Other law, politics and community services
Macro labour market issues
The performing arts
Communication across languages and culture
Tourism infrastructure development
Justice and the law
Pacific Peoples community services
Other education and training
Recreational services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A theory of tourism experiences; Experiencescapes: Culture, Tourism and Economy
Accentuating complexity and ambiguity: Dialogism and its methodological implications; Tourism Methodologies - New Perspectives, Practices and Proceedings
Asian tourists and cultural complexity: implications for practice and the Asianisation of tourism scholarship; Tourism Management Perspectives
Authenticity and Place Branding: The Arts and Culture in Branding Berlin and Singapore; Re-Investing Authenticity: Tourism, Places and Emotions
Auto-Communicating Micro-Orientalism: Articulating ‘Denmark’ in China at the Shanghai Expo; Asia Europe Journal
Awkward encounters and ethnography; Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
Branded as a World Heritage city: The politics afterwards; Place Branding and Public Diplomacy
Brilliant to pedestrianise area
Bring everyone along
Chinese tourists: Getting them here and making everyone happy; Tourism Tracer: West Coast Presentations
Chinese Travelling Overseas and Their Anxieties; Asian Cultures and Contemporary Tourism
Comparing Children's University Tasmania and Asia-Malaysia
Contrasting appreciation of the Tasmanian wilderness: mediating the Chinese visitor experience from a cultural complexity approach; 31st Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education
Creative Heritage: Melaka and Its Past; Creative Districts around the World : Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Bairro Alto
Creativity Unbound – Policies, Government and the Creative Industries; Culture Unbound
Cultural Tourism; The SAGE Encyclopedia of Quality and the Service Economy
Cultural Tourism and Tourism Cultures: The Business of Mediating Experiences in Copenhagen and Singapore; Copenhagen Business School Press
Dare to Dream: Comparative Lessons on Building Cultural Capital from Children’s University Tasmania and Children’s University Asia-Malaysia
Destination Marketing; The SAGE Encyclopedia of Quality and the Service Economy
Digital social construction of a tourist site: Ground Zero; Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture
Editorial; International Journal of Tourism Cities
Education and becoming an artist: Experiences from Singapore; Careers in Creative Industries (Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies)
Education, jobs and the political economy of tourism: expectations and realities in the case of Tasmania; Australasian Journal of Regional Studies
Examining the Variety of Contexts for Creativity
Failed economic adventures have big impact here
Food safety and tourism in Singapore: between microbial Russian roulette and Michelin stars; Tourism Geographies
From Third World to First World: Tourism, Food Safety and the Making of Modern Singapore; Food Tourism in Asia
Global aspirations and local talent: the development of creative higher education in Singapore; The International Journal of Cultural Policy
Global City for the Arts: Weaving Tourism into Cultural Policy; The State and the Arts in Singapore: Policies and Institutions
How masculinity creeps in: awkward field encounters of a male researcher; Masculinities in the Field: Tourism and Transdisciplinary Research
In search of Nordicity: how new Nordic cuisine shaped destination branding in Copenhagen; Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism
Indigenisation of scholarship: go native but don't be naive; CAUTHE 2019: Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality and Events in a Disruptive Digital Age
Intercultural management; The SAGE Encyclopedia of Quality and the Service Economy
Leveling the Playing Field? Building Cultural Capital through Learning Destinations; XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology
Manufacturing green consensus: Urban greenspace governance in Singapore; Urban Forests, Trees, and Greenspace: A Political Ecology Perspective
Moral limits of the market: The impossibility of balanced tourism development; CAUTHE 2017: Time For Big Ideas? Re-thinking The Field For Tomorrow
Paradoxes of city branding and societal changes; City Branding: Theory and Cases
Playful learning? An extreme comparison of the children’s University in Malaysia and in Australia; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Poetics and politics of the European Capital of Culture Project; Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Politics of postdisciplinary knowledge: Lessons from a study of the Anthropocene; 3rd International Conference on Postdisciplinary Approaches
Production and consumption of stories, images and fantasies: heritage, screen and literary tourism; Annals of Leisure Research
Researching Chinese tourists on the move; Journal of China Tourism Research
Sensitive and sensible tourism development: Frameworks to further the conversation; Tourism in Tasmania
Singapore: creating an ever-changing place product; The Place Economy
Sky's the limit: interview with Simeon Thomas-Wilson
Soft power, tourism; Encyclopedia of Tourism
State of the Tourism Workforce in Tasmania; Tourism in Tasmania
Subjugated in the creative industries: the fine arts in Singapore; Culture Unbound
Sustainable tourism, progress, challenges and opportunities: an introduction; Journal of Cleaner Production
Sustainable tourism, progress, challenges and opportunities: an introduction; Journal of Cleaner Production
Talking Point: Rebuild tourism with Tasmanians in mind
Tasmania: The state of the state; Tourism in Tasmania
The artrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore: Enabling and inhibiting the creative economy; Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia
The changing role of tourism policy in Singapore’s cultural development: from explicit to insidious; Tourism, Culture and Communication
The Children's University Tasmania: the transformative power of tourism
The creative reputation dilemma: professional and emotional negotiation of cultural value; Exploring Cultural Value: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice Kim Lehman
The Danish seduction of the China outbound tourism market: new issues for tourism research; China Business Opportunities in a Globalizing Economy
The Danish welfare model and the 'Singapore Inc' model; Changing Tides and Changing Ties - Anchoring Asia-Europe Relations in Challenging Times
The dialogic negotiation of justice; Journal of Sustainable Tourism
The emotional labor of the co-created tourism experience; The Routledge Handbook of Tourism Experience Management and Marketing
The global art city; The SAGE Handbook of New Urban Studies
The making of copy-cat city: Accreditation tactics in place branding; Branding Chinese Mega-Cities: Policies, Practices and Positioning
The overseas constituency; Voting in Change: Politics of Singapore’s 2011 General Election
The political economy of tourism: Job polarization, equity and resistance; TASA Conference 2018: Precarity, Rights and Resistance
The tourist wall: the case of China visitors in Malaysia; 31st Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education
The truth of the crowds: social media and the heritage experience; The Cultural Moment in Tourism (Advances in Tourism)
Tourism and the Tasmanian community during COVID-19
Tourism boom and hotel investment lauded by industry, but some fear Tasmania's natural charm under threat: Interview with Natalie Whiting
Tourism in Tasmania; Forty South Publishing
Tourism must be a way of life
Tourism policy challenges: Balancing acts, co-operative stakeholders and maintaining authenticity; The Routledge Handbook of Cultural Tourism
Tourism Serving the Community: Case Of The Children's University Tasmania; Tourism in Tasmania
Tourism, cultural and the transformational power of education: lessons form the Children's University Tasmania; CAUTHE 2018 Get Smart Paradoxes and Possibilities
Tourism, cultural capital and the transformational power of education: Lessons from the Children’s University Tasmania; CAUTHE Annual Conference 2018
Tourism, Place Branding and the Local-Turn in Food: The New Nordic Cuisine/ Tourismus, Place Branding und die Hinwendung zu lokalen Produkten: Die New Nordic Cuisine; Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference 2015
Tourism: Moving forward together; Tourism in Tasmania
Turn tourism to our advantage

Research Projects

Dare to Dream: Comparing experiences and learnings from Children's University in Malaysia and Tasmania; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Hard-Truth Tourism (HTT): Tourism in the Anthropocene; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Review of Arts and Cultural programs delivered by Clarence City Council
Tracking trail users' movement in the Skane region of Sweden using the Tracer technology - Phase 1

Research Candidate Supervision