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Researcher: Verdon, MJ (Dr Megan Verdon)

Fields of Research

Animal Behaviour
Animal Management

Research Objectives

Animal Welfare
Dairy Cattle

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Effects of group housing on sow welfare: a review
Feeding behaviour, aggression and dominance in group-housed sows; 2015 Manipulating Pig Production XV
Group-housed sows who engage in aggression after mixing have reduced injuries and gain more weight; 47th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE 2013)
Group-lactaion housing from 7 or 14 days post partum: effects on sow behaviour; Animal Production Science
Group-lactation housing form 7 or 14 days post partum: effects on piglet behaviour; Animal Production Science
Individual variation in sow aggressive behavior and its relationship with sow welfare; Journal of Animal Science
Rearing piglets in multi-litter group lactation systems: effects on piglet aggression and injuries post-weaning; Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Short and long-term repeatability of individual sow aggressiveness; 2015 Manipulating Pig Production XV
The behaviour and welfare of sows and piglets in farrowing crates or lactation pens; Animal
The effects of group lactation sow housing on aggression and injuries in weaner pigs; 49th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: Ethology for sustainable society
The short-term behavioural response of sows, but not gilts, to a social stimulus is related to sow aggressiveness in groups; Behavioural Processes

Research Projects

Enhancing the profitability and productivity of livestock farming through virtual herding technology; Department of Agriculture (DoA (Cwth))
Pre-weaning social exposure: effects on aggression and injuries of weaner pigs
Social strategies of sows in groups: the relationships between the social strategy adopted and sow behaviour, stress physiology and reproduction.
The feeding behaviour of sows and its relationship to sow welfare and reproduction.
Welfare implications of group lactation at various ages

Research Candidate Supervision