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Researcher: Sonda, S (Dr Sabrina Sonda)

Fields of Research

Signal transduction
Cell metabolism
Cell development, proliferation and death
Cell physiology
Respiratory diseases
Gene expression (incl. microarray and other genome-wide approaches)
Pharmaceutical sciences

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

1-Deoxysphingolipid-induced neurotoxicity involves N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor signaling; Neuropharmacology
1-deoxysphingolipids, early predictors of type 2 diabetes, compromise the functionality of skeletal myoblasts; Frontiers in Endocrinology
Akt1 signalling supports acinar proliferation and limits acinar-to-ductal metaplasia formation upon induction of acute pancreatitis; Journal of Pathology
CD8 + T cells specific for an immunodominant SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid epitope display high naive precursor frequency and TCR promiscuity; Immunity
Class I histone deacetylase inhibition improves pancreatitis outcome by limiting leukocyte recruitment and acinar-to-ductal metaplasia; British journal of pharmacology
Development of autoimmune pancreatitis is independent of CDKN1A/p21-mediated pancreatic inflammation; Gut: An International Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Enhanced proliferation of pancreatic acinar cells in MRL/MpJ mice is driven by severe acinar injury but independent of infammation; Scientific Reports
Ibuprofen and diclofenac treatments reduce proliferation of pancreatic acinar cells upon inflammatory injury and mitogenic stimulation; British Journal of Pharmacology
Inhibition of Class I histone deacetylases abrogates tumor growth factor β expression and development of fibrosis during chronic pancreatitis; Molecular Pharmacology
Local hyperthyroidism promotes pancreatic acinar cell proliferation during acute pancreatitis; Journal of Pathology
Single or combined ablation of peripheral serotonin and p21 limit adipose tissue expansion and metabolic alterations in early adulthood in mice fed a normocaloric diet; PLoS One
Targeting the zinc transporter ZIP7 in the treatment of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes; Nutrients
The zinc transporter Zip7 is downregulated in skeletal muscle of insulin-resistant cells and in mice fed a high-fat diet; Cells

Research Projects

Zinc activation of enzymes responsible for insulin signalling and glucose homeostasis in type 2 diabetes; Clifford Craig Foundation (CCFoundation)

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