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Researcher: Juliff, TD (Dr Toby Juliff)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Visual cultures
Art criticism
Performance art
Art history
Photography, video and lens-based practice
Art theory
Human impacts of climate change and human adaptation

Research Objectives

The creative arts
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
Understanding the past of the Americas
Understanding Europe's past
Understanding Africa's past
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Behaviour and health
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Health protection and disaster response
Disease distribution and transmission (incl. surveillance and response)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'They are always there': Mendieta, Vicuña and the coming again of ghosts; Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture
A new generation of British art: A problem of provincialism; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art
After you have gone: un-disciplined knowledge and new value/s, one year on; Australian Council of University Art & Design School Conference 2017
Averting enlightenment’s history: octopuses as societal challenge; Aisthesis
Critical Mumble
Death Mask
Livingstone-heritage and the interstitial spectres of Trafalgar Square; International Journal of Tourism Anthropology
Octopus 19: Ventriloquy: Review
Octopus Encounters: An Immersive Library of Octopus Aesthetics
Pandemic: Gothic pathologies, quarantines, and creative explorations of fear and transmission
Pandemic: Panel discussion with Dr Toby Juliff, Ravi Avasti and Helen Shield
Praxis now: Frayling’s 'Research in Art and Design' 24 years on; Australian Council of University Art & Design School Conference 2017
Silent witnesses: Doris Salcedo and Blanchot; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art
The Battle of Orgreave (1984); Emotion, Affective Practices, and the Past in the Present
The Post-display Condition of Contemporary Computer Art; Electronic Melbourne Art Journal
The Sacrifice
The self-design of contemporary confessional art; Journal of Visual Art Practice
Tintin and antisemitism within children's literature: Interview with Ryk Goddard
Tintin and the Jews (of Contemporary Literature); International Journal of Comic Art
Translating Michelle Nikou's objects
UTAS global climate change week program: what's art got to do with climate change?
Withnessing: Multispecies Approaches to Extinction, Testimony, and Bodies of Water; Extinction and Memorial Culture: Reckoning with Species Loss in the Anthropocene

Research Projects

Octopus Aesthetics: a multi-armed investigation of a curious animal; Universities Australia / Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) (UADAAD)
Okto-Lab: a gallery of octopus aesthetics; Regional Arts Australia (RAA)
OktoLab 19; Australia Council for the Arts (ACA)
Ten Days 2019; Gordon Darling Foundation (GDF)

Research Candidate Supervision