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Researcher: Lewis, DJH (Dr David Lewis)

Fields of Research

Electrical engineering
Education assessment and evaluation

Research Objectives

Policies and development
Mobile technologies and communications

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Conversational Auditing of Stage 1 Competencies for Accreditation and Beyond; AAEE

Research Projects

ATM-compatible video coding; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A Study of Diesel-hydrogen Fuel Mix in a Stationary Compression Engine
Adaptive control of robotic manipulators
Assistive technology for rehabilitation from physical disablities such as spinal cord injury
Audio and Video Signal Compression
Computer networking performance
Cooperative Imagae Registration Based on MPEG4 for the Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinpathy
Fingerprint classification techniques
High Speed DSP & A to D in an Ice Radar Logging Application
Performance Analysis for ATM Switches with Application to Priority Queueing
Radio frequency seeker signal processing using wavelets
Second Generation Wavelets
Still Image compression by nonseparable wavelets on the quincunx lattice
Title- Performance Analysis and Traffic Modelling in Broadband Integratef Services Digital Networks
Using Electromagnetic Theory and Numerical Method to Develop Improved Conductance Catheter Volume Measurement
Water cooled cable measurement systems