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Researcher: Mummery, DC (Mr Daryl Mummery)

Fields of Research

Biogeography and phylogeography
Forestry product quality assessment

Research Objectives

Hardwood plantations
Other environmental management
Atmospheric processes and dynamics

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

An Application of Terrain and Environmental Modelling in a Large-scale Forestry Experiment; Forest Ecology and Management
Applying PROMOD spatially across Tasmania with sensitivity analysis to screen for prospective Eucalyptus globulus plantation sites; Forest Ecology and Management
CABALA: a linked carbon, water and nitrogen model of forest growth for silvicultural decision support; Forest Ecology and Management
Data input quality and resolution effects on regional and local scale Eucalyptus globulus productivity predictions in north-east Tasmania; Ecological Modelling
Economic analysis of site survey and productivity modelling for the selection of plantation areas; Forest Ecology and Management
Selecting species for recharge management in Mediterranean south western Australia - some ecophysiological considerations; Plant and Soil: International Journal on Plant-Soil Relationships
Significance of rainfall distribution in predicting eucalypt plantation growth, management options, and risk assessment using the process-based model CABALA; Forest Ecology and Management
The application of landscape productivity and environmental modelling to improve plantation site selection and yield prediction

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision