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Researcher: Nieboer, M (Dr Miranda Nieboer)

Fields of Research

Architectural design

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

16 - Do(o)med Interiors; Antarctic Resolution
80°08’ S, 163° 57’ W: Ice, Interior and Inhabitation; HASSEG Conference 2017: Depths and Surfaces: Understanding the Antarctic Region through the Humanities and Social Sciences
Antarctic Interiors, Architecture and Ice Exhibition
Antarctic Interiors: Practices of Inhabitation through Embodied Interactions with the Ice
Giro 9575
Human inhabitation of Antarctica; Architecture Ecologies
Ice Blink Ahoy!
Icy Interiors: Materiality, Spatiality, and Atmospherics; SCAR Open Science Conference 2020
Indelible Antarctica
Intersecting Voyages: Inhabitation of Antarctica and Outer Space; SCAR Open Science Conference 2020
The South Pole dome: An architect’s perspective; Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research: Biennial Meetings and Open Science Conference 2016
Traversing Antarctica: Inhabitation on the Move; SCAR Open Science Conference 2020
Traversing to the continental interior of Antarctica
Under geodesic skies; a cultural perspective on the former South Pole Dome and geodesic domes in outer space; Polar Journal
Wilkes Subglacial Basin: From a White Spot on the Map to Global Tipping Point; SCAR Open Science Conference 2020

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision