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Researcher: Gardner, CM (Dr Christine Gardner)

Fields of Research

Educational administration, management and leadership
Other education
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Curriculum and pedagogy
Education systems
Primary education
Higher education
Sociology of education
Psychology of ageing
Health services and systems
Secondary education
Education policy
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Health psychology
Social psychology

Research Objectives

Policies and development
Other education and training
Management, resources and leadership
Teacher and instructor development
Behaviour and health
Other health
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Teaching and instruction technologies
Teaching and curriculum
Workforce transition and employment
Social structure and health
Health status (incl. wellbeing)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'An opportunity missed'? Trajectories of one education policy in the Tasmanian Government school system
'Learning about the risks': Teachers' and students' reported experiences of piloting an innovative curriculum about gambling; Quality in Teacher Education: Considering different perspectives and agendas
'TEACHING ... IT JUST FEELS RIGHT': Contemporary Perspectives of Career-Change Teachers and Their Motivations for Teaching; Opportunities and Challenges in Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Teachers’ Voices Across the Pipeline
'Teaching...I can see myself not doing that forever': The beginning teacher experience - a study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; 2011 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference (ATEA 2011)
An Evaluation of the What's the Read Deal? Teaching Kit (Draft) for Tasmanian High Schools
Australian teachers, principals, and pre-service teachers – Expectations and realities: Australian reports in an international context; 94th Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA 2013)
Choosing our best: innovation in teacher education selection
Comparison of time allocation behaviour of pre-secondary school teachers using time-use diary data: Evidence from Tasmania (Australia) and United States of America (USA); AERA 2013 Annual Meeting
From policy to practice: The forgotton interstices; ATEA Annual Conference
Having a life outside teaching: The nature and amount of teachers' out-of-hours work; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference
Improving policy processes; advancing the development of the teacher feedback loop; AARE Sydney 2000 Conference
Learning to teach is a messy affair: Framing and reframing teacher education using student feedback from WebCT; Teachers as Leaders: Teacher Education for a Global Profession
Managing People and Organisations in a Turbulent Policy Context; ANZAM '99
Online or face-to-face microbiology laboratory sessions? First year higher education student perspectives and preferences; Creative Education
Reconciling the policy process: The need to include teachers; Education: The Global Challenge International Conference
Self-Study for Teacher Educators: crafting a pedagogy for educational change
Teacher involvement in Australia: 'Teachers have much to offer'; Do teachers wish to be agents of change? Will principals support them?
Teachers' preferences, and their expectations of principals' support, for involvement in school-based decision making: 'If [only] time or involvement was recognised as part of my workload'; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)
Teaching…I can see myself not doing that forever”: the beginning teacher experience – A study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) Conference 2011: Valuing Teacher Education: Policy, Perspectives and Partnerships
The complexities of learning to teach:' Just what is it that I am doing'; Handbook of Teacher Education
The forgotten interstices of education policy:The good, the bad and the ugly; Curriculum Developments in Australia: Promising initiatives, impasses and dead-ends
The use of Information Communication Technology to strengthen practicum experiences; Technology and Teaching
There's many a slip 'tween cup and lip ... A case study of educational policy implementation in a changing context; AARE-NZARE Conference 1999
Workloads of Government school teachers and allied educators in Tasmania: A report commissioned by the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch
Young adults' stories of gambling in a research situation: a narrative inquiry; International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

Research Projects

Adolescents' and Young Adults' Stories Regarding Gambling: A Narrative Inquiry; Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania (DHHS)
'What's the Real Deal?': An evaluation
Extending Regional and Rural High School to Year 11 and 12 - a Formative Evaluation
Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences of 14 - 17 Year Old Tasmanians with Respect to Gambling
Research into workloads of government school teachers and allied educators in Tasmania

Research Candidate Supervision

Adolescents' and Young Adults' Stories Regarding Gambling- A Narrative Inquiry
Bullying in Secondary Schools- Why Bullying Occurs, Its Impact on School Communities and How Research Can Assist in Prevention and Intervention Planning
Professional Development Schools Partnership- A Change in Tasmanian Teacher Education