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Researcher: Marlow, AH (Associate Professor Annette Marlow)

Fields of Research

Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Curriculum and pedagogy
Aged care nursing
Health services and systems
Health and community services
Aged health care
Nursing workforce
Health informatics and information systems
Acute care
Primary health care
Health policy
Community and primary care
Urban sociology and community studies
Sub-acute care
Other education
Clinical sciences
Technical, further and workplace education
Health care administration
Work integrated learning (incl. internships)
Residential client care
Human information behaviour
Rural and remote health services
Rural clinical health
Preventative health care

Research Objectives

Evaluation of health and support services
Health related to ageing
Other health
Learner and learning
Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum
Clinical health
Behaviour and health
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Disability and functional capacity
Rural and remote area health
Other education and training
Teaching and curriculum
Health policy evaluation
Health education and promotion
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Teacher and instructor development
Public services policy advice and analysis
Human pain management
Community health care
Management, resources and leadership
Policies and development
Palliative care

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Whole of community facilitator support model: The rural preceptors’ experience; Collegian
A scoping review exploring reablement models of training and client assessment for older people in primary health care; Primary Health Care Research and Development
An investigation of nursing students' knowledge of dementia: A questionnaire study; Nurse Education Today
Assuring quality work-integrated learning experiences: A multi-disciplinary, student-centred approach; NZACE International Conference
Attracting Health Professionals into the Rural - Professional Experience Placement (PEP): Student Expansion, Project Evaluation; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Audio teleconferencing: Creative use of a forgotten innovation; Contemporary Nurse
Becoming digitally professional in Australia: enabling an educative approach for nurses; Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia & New Zealand) Symposium: Future-proofing the profession
Building capability of supervisors of health students in rural areas: Whole of community facilitator model of support; National Association of Field Experience Administrators
Building Capacity to deliver Reablement in Regional Communities: What are the Benefits and Challenges?; 2018 Western NSW Health Research Network Conference
Building Capacity to Deliver Reablement in Regional Communities: Workforce Benefits and Challenges; AAG Conference 2018: Active Players, a Fair Future
Building connections in aged care follow-up evaluation. Final report
Building rural workforce capacity in rural communities through a reablement teaching program: The case of Family Based Care; The Annual Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Case Studies Exploring the Applicability of the STEPS Interpretive Framework in Other Professions; School-based Partnerships in Teacher Education: A Research Informed Model for Universities, Schools and Beyond
Chronic Diseases of the Bowel; Chronic Illness and Disability - Principles for Nursing Practice
Clinical Facilitator Support Model Pilot Project
Collaborative action learning as a model for simulation development; Sim Tec T 2005 Health Care Simulation Conference
Collaborative action learning as a model for simulation development; Simtect 2005 Health Care Simulation Conference
Collaborative Learning: A professional development model for educational innovation in Nursing; Nurse Education in Practice
Determining readiness for a reablement approach to care in Australia: Development of a pre-employment questionnaire; Health and Social Care in The Community
Developing a collaborative partnership model to facilitate successful WIL outcomes for students, staff and industry stakeholders; NZACE International Conference
Developing a collaborative preceptor program involving registered nurses, student nurses and faculty; Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing
Developing a Work Integrated Learning Community of Practice; Teaching Matters 2015: Tasmanian Blends
Development of an online work integrated learning (WIL) survey tool to evaluate the quality of students’ WIL experiences; 2016 ACEN National Conference
Development of an online work integrated learning (WIL) survey tool to measure, evaluate and enhance the quality of students’ WIL experiences; Webinar - ACEN Research Snapshots
Digital communication to support clinical supervision: Considering the human factors; Studies in Health Technology and Informatics: Context Sensitive Health Informatics - Human and Sociotechnical Approaches
Embedding an ePortfolio into a work integrated learning environment. The School of Nursing and Midwifery experience; Teaching Matters 2011: Sharing Practice
Engagement with the Health System: Work Integrated Learning, Teaching and Research; Inglis Clark Symposium: Engaging with Impact
Engaging in professional experience facilitation: The development of a community of practice using social media; Leadership and Practice Development in Health: Quality and Safety through Workplace Learning
Enhancing undergraduate nursing education through simulation; Royal College of Nursing Conference
Evaluating an interprofessional workshop on persistent pain: the role of adult learning and social identity theories; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Evaluating work-integrated learning; Advances in Research, Theory and Practice in Work-Integrated Learning: Enhancing Employability for a Sustainable Future
Evaluating, understanding and improving the quality of clinical placements for undergraduate nurses: A practice development approach; 5th International Nurse Education Conference
Evaluating, understanding and improving the quality of clinical placements for undergraduate nurses: A practice development approach; Nurse Education in Practice
Evaluation of an interprofessional, student co-facilitated community chronic pain management program; Teaching Matters 2018
Evaluation of Professional Experience Placement Report
Examining the engagement of health services staff in change management: modifying the SCARF assessment model; International Practice Development Journal
Health Professional Education: Engaging Clinicians in the Role of Teaching in their Everyday Work; 2014 ANZAHPE Conference
Health Student Learning Environments: Realising the Potential; Innovative Models for Clinical Placements - Driving innovation and sustainability to enhance quality
High fidelity simulation based learning - the future in health professional education; Medical Research Week
Improving health student placement experiences in rural Tasmania: The Whole of Community Facilitator model of support; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Improving student nurses' aged care understandings through a supported placement; International Nursing Review
Incorporating high fidelity simulation in case based curricula to enhance clinical skill decision making; Second Clinical Skills Conference
Just a Nurse: A critical exploration of how general medical nurses regard their practice
Learning opportunities in a residential aged care facility: the role of supported placements for first-year nursing students; Journal of Nursing Education
Learning to teach: supporting nurses and midwives to supervise students; Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal
Managing risk on clinical placements; Proceedings of the 10th Teaching Matters Conference
Measuring and enhancing the quality of students’ professional learning experiences: Development and trial of a Professional Experience Placement (PEP) survey instrument; AAIR 2015
Measuring and reporting students' experiential learning experiences: A consistent sector-wide approach to enhance the quality of WIL; Teaching Matters Forum 2016: Transforming Practice Through Innovation and Partnership
Measuring the Impact of Work Integrated Learning from the Student’s Perspective
Modelling connections in aged care. Development of an evidence-based best practice model to facilitate quality clinical placements in aged care. Report based on stages 1- 3
Nursing in the Nullabor
Nursing students' preferences for clinical placements in residential aged care facilities; IAGG 2017
Nursing students' preferences for professional experience placement: Investigation of 8 years of student placement management system data; NETNEP 2016, 6th International Nurse Education Conference
Nursing students’ preferences for clinical placements in the residential aged care setting; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Online WIL survey tool presentation
Online WIL Survey Tool Presentation
Online Work Integrated Learning Survey Tool: The Vic/Tas approach; ONLINE WIL EVALUATION TOOL WORKSHOP
Parallel Session 11 - Rountable 4 - Virtual WIL: technology-enabled WIL Placements and Projects; The Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited (ACEN) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Virtual Summit 2020
Parallel Session 5 - Showcase 9 - Virtual WIL: technology enabled WIL placements and projects – Preliminary findings; The Australian Collaborative Education Network Limited (ACEN) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Virtual Summit 2020
Personally Arranged Learning Session (PeArL); ANZAHPE - OTTAWA 2016 Joint Conference
Piloting an interprofessional chronic pain management program: perspectives of health students and community clients; Journal of Interprofessional Care
Preceptor/ nurse supervisor information/ education, support and networking video conferencing - Pilot Project
Professional experience placement: Identifying the needs of clinicians. The Tasmanian experience; Leadership and practice development in health: Quality and safety through workplace learning
Quality clinical placements for undergraduate nursing students: a cross-sectional survey of undergraduates and supervising nurses; Journal of Advanced Nursing
Quality clinical placements: Perspectives of students, supervising ward nurses and clinical facilitators; Leadership and practice development in health: Quality and safety through workplace learning
Quality clinical placements: The perspectives of undergraduate nursing students and their supervising nurses; Nurse Education Today
Reablement implementation and evaluation at family based care: Final Report
Staff experiences of a reablement approach to care for older people in a regional Australian community: A qualitative study; Health and Social Care in The Community
Supervising of nursing students in rural environments: Engaging learning by teaching the teachers; Australian and International Journal of Rural Education
Sustaining undergraduate inter-professional practice; The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) 2019 Conference
Teaching aged care facilities: Implementing interprofessional prevocational education and practice in residential aged care
The financial challenges for Australian nursing students attending placement-based work-integrated learning; Collegian
The health professional as teacher; Clinical Training and Workforce Planning Summit
The power of nurses: using digital health policy to transform health and aged care environments; The National Nursing Forum
The reciprocal nature of clinical placement: exposing teaching and learning in health care settings; The Hive
The TCPPP; 12th National Rural Health Conference
The use of online discussion areas to enhance the practicum experience of undergraduated nursing students: the experience of one Australian University; Australian College of Educators
The use of video conferencing to develop a community of practice for preceptors located in rural and non traditional placement settings: An evaluation study; Nurse Education in Practice
The Wicking Teaching Aged Care Facility Program
Uncovering WIL in Contemporary Curricula; Australian Collaborative Education (ACEN) 2016 National Conference
Using action research to build mentor capacity to improve orientation and quality of nursing student aged care placements: what to do when the phone rings; Journal of Clinical Nursing
Using e-portfolios to support student success in a work integrated learning environment; Leadership and Procatice Development in Health: Quality and Safety through Workplace Learning
Using Web 2.0 to support Continuing Professional Development of health professionals: Acting locally, engaging globally; Teaching Matters: Open UTAS to the World
Value-adding the student experience: Creating sustainable professional experience supervision; Sustaining Futures: Considering sustainability across the learning and teaching divide
Virtual orientation: Helping WIL students “belong”; Australian Collaborative Education (ACEN) 2016 National Conference, WIL 2020 Pushing the Boundaries
Web 2.0 strategies to enhance support of clinical supervisors of undergraduate nursing students: an Australian experience; 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN13)
Whole of community facilitation in nursing: Engaging students and teachers; Teaching Matters 2018
Whole of community facilitators: An exemplar for supporting rural health workforce recruitment through students’ professional experience placements; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Wicking teaching aged care facilities program: innovative practice; Dementia

Research Projects

Development of a professional experience placement (PEP) plan to forecast and enhance student experience; Greater Metro Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Network (GMICTN)
Development of an online Work Integrated Learning (WIL) survey tool to measure, evaluate and enhance the quality of students WIL experiences; Australian Collaborative Education Network (ACEN)
Establishing Teaching Nursing Homes to Provide Quality Inter-Professsional Clinical Placements in Aged Care ; Department of Health and Aged Care (DHA)
'Reablement' Project Evaluation
Developing Support Structures for Student Nurses in Aged Care - Follow Up Evaluation
Draft evidence based/best practice model to facilitate quality clinical placements in aged care
Health Workforce Program: Expansion of the Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program in Aged Care Services
Developing Clinical Competence and Skills Acquisition in Undergraduate Student Nurses

Research Candidate Supervision