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Researcher: Franklin, ET (Dr Evan Franklin)

Fields of Research

Renewable Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Solar Cells)
Photodetectors, Optical Sensors and Solar Cells
Power and Energy Systems Engineering (excl. Renewable Power)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Environmental Engineering Design
Environment and Resource Economics
Transport Planning
Sociology and Social Studies of Science and Technology
Social Change
Urban Policy
Transport Engineering

Research Objectives

Industrial Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Solar-Photovoltaic Energy
Energy Systems Analysis
Renewable Energy
Energy Transmission and Distribution (excl. Hydrogen)
Energy Services and Utilities
Teaching and Instruction
Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection
Road Public Transport
Energy Storage (excl. Hydrogen)
Aquaculture Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)
Construction Planning
Environmentally Sustainable Energy Activities
Environmental Policy, Legislation and Standards

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Anodic oxidations: excellent process durability and surface passivation for high efficiency silicon solar cells; Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Autonomous frequency response of different types of inverter-interfaced loads; 2019 9th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems
CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial: Project Final Report - Project Results and Lessons Learnt
Day ahead load forecasting for the modern distribution network - a Tasmanian case study; The Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC 2018)
Design, fabrication and characterisation of a 24.4% efficient interdigitated back contact solar cell; Progress in Photovoltaics
Frequency control ancillary service with coordinated operation of fault current limiter and inverter-interfaced load during fault condition; 2019 9th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems
Frequency response of synchronous generators and battery energy storage systems: a comparative study; 29th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, AUPEC 2019
Rubidium multication perovskite with optimized bandgap for perovskite-silicon tandem with over 26% efficiency; Advanced Energy Materials
Strategies for promoting cultural diversity within student laboratory groups in an engineering degree course at an Australian university; 29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Annual Conference (AAEE 2018)

Research Projects

APR Internship - Anthony Broese van Groenou; Australian Institute of Mathematics & Science Pty Ltd (AMSI)
CONSORT: Consumer Energy Systems Providing Cost-Effective Grid Support; Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
Scheduling of DER for power system frequency stability provision; Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
Future Energy Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Panasonic Research Service Agreement

Research Candidate Supervision